Ditch heavy makeup and go ‘natural’


LESS IS MORE  Many of us are wearing less makeup these days, so good skincare really matters.


Maggie Gibbons

The last few months were tough, but hey, we survived it; now all we need to do is stay vigilant and maintain the hand sanitising and social distancing.
Many of us had so much time to play around with, and a lot of routines fell by the wayside. After the house cleaning was put to rights, I decided to up the ante with my skincare regime. I haven’t worn any foundation or mascara since early March, and with all the extra walking I’ve been doing, I began treating my skin with more care.
It transpires that an incredible number of us invested in skincare instead of make-up during recent months. Cleansers, moisturisers, and serums were hugely popular, while sales of cosmetics slumped. No surprise there then.
Working from home is great for your skin for a while – avoiding air-conditioned offices and fumes is a huge plus – but central heating and constant nibbling can also play havoc with your complexion.
Gone was the salon facial and in came the home treatment. The key to great skin is to keep it well hydrated. Exfoliation is good practice – about once a week, nothing too rigorous. I also find serums absolutely brilliant, like moisturiser on speed! They penetrate deeper than cream. It’s important to remember to apply the serum before anything else. You can apply your moisturiser on top.
Exfoliation is just the shedding of dead skin from the skin. Unfortunately, it slows as we age, so a helping hand is needed. You can easily make your own by mixing half a cup of sugar and enough olive oil to make a paste. Apply to your face and massage, then relax for about 15 minutes before rinsing off.
Here are some great skincare products for keeping your skin in the best condition possible, irrespective of whether you’re working from home or venturing further afield.
Irish and handmade, the Sana Natural skincare range (sananaturals.ie) uses highly concentrated formulas that offer superfood nutrition for skins of all ages. Their face wash (€27.95 for 120ml) is a 100 percent vegan powder made with oat and coconut that is activated with water.  As well as being a face wash and gentle exfoliator, it also makes a beautiful face mask when mixed with yogurt.
Eucerin Anti-Pigment Dual Serum (€31.80) is recommended for the reduction of dark spots. Users claimed visible results after just two weeks. It also contains hyaluronic acid which promotes hydration.
Neutrogena Hydro Boost contains vitamin E and hyaluronic acid is recommended for fatigued skin, as it targets dryness. Online prices and they vary hugely, from €7.50 to €17 for 30mls, so always shop around before you buy.
Novexpert skincare range is guaranteed 100 percent natural. Their serum booster with hyaluronic acid (€56 from cosmeticsonline.ie) contains the highest the highest dosage of hyaluronic acid in Europe. This has raised the bar considerably regarding serums.

Light coverage
If you fancy a light coverage, then BB and CC creams and tinted moisturisers are fantastic. Tinted moisturisers are much lighter face bases than regular foundations and better at hydrating the skin. BB creams or blemish/beauty balms offer more specialised care, evening out skin tone and smoothing imperfections. CC creams are complexion and colour correctors that even out the skin tone even more by correcting the colour in your particular skin tone.
When it comes to BB creams, check out what’s at your local chemist. I love the organic Physician’s Formula Super BB Cream with SPF 30; it’s great value at around €12. Flormar BB Cream is similar to a tinted moisturiser in that it really hydrates the skin, and it’s also great value at just €7.95.
For CC creams, the Uriage Roseliance CC Cream skin-tone perfector (€19 for 40ml) instantly evens out skin tone and corrects redness with mineral pigments, while also illuminating the complexion.
Maggie Gibbons is an Image/Style Consultant based in Louisburgh. She can be contacted at living@mayonews.ie.