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Time to think


Nonogenarian Sonia Kelly on the power of our thoughts – and how to keep them in check

Sonia Kelly

Now that I am more or less immobile I have plenty of time to think and to consider the teaching of Esther and Jerry Hicks – my favourite gurus [authors of the self-help book, ‘The Law of Attraction’]. The result has been the conclusion that humans are composed of seven entities, which are as follows:

(1) The Subconscious, which controls the body’s automatic proceedings, such as breathing and blood pressure. It is also very good for supplying forgotten memories and is never wanting in ideas to keep one’s everyday mind entertained.  
(2) The Everyday Mind. This entity is always active and ready to go along with the first entity, irrespective of right or wrong.
(3) The Logical Mind, which is there to vet ideas put forward by Number One and to advise whether or not to follow them. It is always right, but it is not always obeyed, as Number Two has its own opinions, and that is why so many crimes are committed.
(4) The Universal Energy, of which we are all a part. This entity can produce events in agreement with our thoughts, such as ‘Ask and you shall receive’, as explained and recommended by the Hickses.
(5) The Eternal Self – the parts of us that go through many incarnations in order to develop. It can sometimes intervene in one’s own progress.  
(6) Your Guardian Angel – always there, helping and protecting, according to those who have encountered theirs.
(7) The Physical Body, which we should but don’t always do everything to protect.

From pondering these entities it becomes clear that by choosing the correct thought, anything becomes possible. Just decide to do something and success can follow. Everyone is urged to examine and look after their minds for clarity. To prevent the persistence of unwanted thoughts, it helps to introduce the alphabet list, of which I have written previously.
Briefly, the alphabet list is a useful tool in the arsenal for combatting the afflictions of antiquity, one of which seems to be over-activity of the mind and resulting sleeplessness. The idea is to line up the letters of the alphabet in one’s mind, pick a subject, and then list examples of the subjects alphabetically. For instance, you might choose insects. Your list would then go like this: ant, beetle, cricket and so on. (You could also choose fruit and veg, tools, musical instruments, birds, trees or anything else). I find it extremely helpful; it is also useful while waiting for some events to happen and while enduring boring periods.