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Find your why


EYE ON THE PRIZE Knowing the true reason why you want to exercise or lose weight will help you to get through the hard times of your health journey.

Colleen Kneafsey

There’s a new way of thinking when it comes making decisions about body fat and weight loss. The ideas is to focus on finding your ‘why’, and to let this guide and motivate you as you work towards your why as a goal.
From my own experience as a coach, the fitness industry is changing. Helping clients to ‘find their why’ ultimately helps them achieve life-long results. If ‘the why’ is not identified, then clients’ fitness efforts can have no point, no direction, no reason to keep on going – and there could be a constant battle with weight loss.
One client who I worked with achieved great weight loss results by just asking themselves the question ‘Why am I doing this?’. They had never succeeded in the previous years, as they had never really asked themselves why they were trying to lose weight in the first place. The reasons were always superficial, outside reasons, like a wedding, a Christening or a holiday – and once the event was over, the weight went straight back on.
To witness the change in that client, both physically and mentally, makes my role as a coach very rewarding.
If you want to lose weight, or indeed gain weight, make sure you are doing it for the right reasons – and make sure you have a lot of love and compassion for yourself on the way. That means no starvation, no over exercising and no self-shaming.
When you’re trying to find your own personal why, have a good think. Who are you doing this for? If it is for you, then you have just won the battle! Then it’s back to basics: Good wholesome food and finding an exercise regime that stimulates your endorphins – whether that’s inside in a fitness studio or outside in the wonders of nature, but make sure its a exercise that feels good for you.
Most importantly be patient with the process. Find support, whether its a family member or a gym buddy who wants you to achieve the best version of you both inside and out. Practice a great deal of self love through out your journey.
Trust me, I know this path. I was on it. Weight loss, weight gain, and a lot of pain along the way. It isn’t easy at times, but when you see your health and wellness as a lifelong adventure, it becomes an exciting, fulfilling journey.

Colleen Kneafsey is a director, co-founder and coach at Republic of Fitness in Westport ( and a general nurse. She can be contacted at