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Self help


Nonagenarian Sonia Kelly is ready to face down all manner of age-related adversity

Sonia Kelly

As a result of being confined to bed for several weeks after a fall that injured both legs, I have had plenty of time to work on self-improvement.
I will begin with the legs, which are the most obvious victims of my balance loss. Each has different symptoms when the foot encounters the floor. It was in the hope of easing this that I regularly massaged the tops of the thighs – but no change.
Then one day I extended my reach to a knee cap and was amazed when no stabs of pain ensued after the foot encountered the floor. I hastily applied the same treatment to the other leg with the same result, and after a couple of weeks of this practice the pain did not return.
Now I am free to hobble about through various rooms in the house clutching my walker. A release from captivity.
And hey! The legs can now go for a cycle. Not along the highways and byways, but in a special chair in the bedroom. Apparently, if not used, one’s muscles disappear, but by slipping the feet into the chair’s stirrup-like pedals one can go for miles.
Other bodily parts to feel distress were my eyes, which recently began to suffer from prickly sensations as though there were pieces of grit inserted beneath the eyelids. I accidentally discovered that by shutting the relevant eye and squeezing it for a few seconds, the pain would vanish. By repeating these exercises whenever the pain returned for a couple of weeks it eventually went away altogether.
Then there is ‘The Law of Attraction’, based on the biblical adage ‘Ask and you shall receive’. This is propounded by authors Esther and Jerry Hicks, and also by Rhonda Beirne in her book, ‘The Secret’. The Hicks say that once is enough to ask, providing you ask it with fervour and imagine you have already been granted your request. Rhonda Beirne says that asking a few times is good, but also imagining having what you wish for.
I have personally decided that multiple asks is the way to go – so many things have happened that I choose to believe it must help. You can also ask on behalf of others. For example, if something is wrong with them, you could ask that they be cured, by asking for ‘perfect health for so and so’. You can also continue with established prescribed treatment, of course, therefore obtaining the most of both worlds.

A published author and poet, and a former Mayo News columnist, Sonia Kelly is the founder of the Cloona Health Centre in Westport.

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