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Makeup mistakes we make all the time


Maggie Gibbons

The chances are you’re making mistakes in your beauty routine; we all do. The worst thing? We often aren’t even aware of it. Some of those errors can be very ageing. With just a few tweaks your makeup routine can knock years off you. Your look will be bang up to date, helping you to look great – which is the whole point of putting on makeup in the first place!

Always wipe any excess mascara off the wand before you apply it, and wiggle the wand from side to side as you bring it from the base to the tips of your lashes. This avoids that clumping effect you get from being heavy handed with the wand. An eyelash comb is also brilliant for separating lashes and creating fullness. Reapply mascara for a fuller, darker effect.
Avoid lining the bottom lash line as you age; this only serves to make you look tired and older. If you use an eye cream, only apply it in the morning. It can give you puffy eyes if applied at night. Remember to pat the cream on lightly, as the skin around your eyes is thin and easily damaged.

If you use a pencil for the brows, make little feathery strokes. Hard lines look so false, and they will make you look much older. The best thing by far is powder; it’s much softer and creates a more-natural effect. You can get some brilliant ones in your local chemist. They often include a couple of different shades and a small brush for application.
To avoid adding the years, go for a professional brow shaping – it can be a great investment.

The biggest mistake here is to use a dark pencil to line your lips, then wearing a lighter lipstick. This is hugely ageing. It’s far better to use a liner close to your own lip colour.
For a plumping effect dab a bit of gloss on the centre of your lips. Matte lip colours are hard to pull off as you age, and they can cause flakiness on the lips. For lipstick bleeding, I recommend the NYX Wonder pencil, line your lips with it and there won’t a bit of feathering in sight. You can get this in Shaws nationwide for about €8.

Blusher makes such a difference to how we look, but it can be so easy to get it wrong. Having big pinky-red blobs on your cheeks, like Aunt Sally from Worzel Gummidge, is not a good look.
Smile first, then apply the blush in upward strokes on the apples of your cheeks, blending towards the hairline. Remember, it really does need to be blended properly. You need to think about a flattering colour for your skin tone too. If in doubt, ask for advice: that’s what the beauty people are there for.
Avoid using heavy creams that look caked on. I always mix a bit of moisturiser or illuminating primer with my foundation cream, and it gives a much softer appearance with a nice glow. Beware tide marks – you know, the line between face and neck. Blending is crucial.
I think my little beauty-blender sponge is one of my favourite products, and cheap as chips too. I always used a foundation brush in the past, now I couldn’t go back to one.

Don’t go mad with deep bronzing powders. For sure, a healthy glow looks gorgeous, but all you need is good brush with a dusting of powder. Get glowing not over tanned. No one wants to look dirty or muddy.
The biggest giveaway of all time! Constant exposure to the elements results in age spots and wrinkling, as well as thin skin, adding years to your hands. The only answer is to be vigilant about using hand cream. A tip here is to only apply it to the backs of your hands and rub them together; you don’t need hand cream on the palms.
Lemon juice might help to fade the age spots.

If you enjoy make-up, you should really think about using a primer. I love primers for their velvety feel it leaves on the skin, but they also blur imperfections and large pores – and help your makeup to stay put for longer.
My favourite is the Flormar one which I get in Stauntons in Louisburgh. In fact, I buy lots of this range, as the most expensive item is €15 and the quality is superb. Check your local chemist. The Smashbox primer range is also recommended, though it is a little more expensive.

Maggie Gibbons is an Image/Style Consultant based in Louisburgh. She can be contacted at