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BEAUTY Beware anti-aging creams that make false claims

Beware false promises

Maggie Gibbons

Those of you who use the Internet will be aware of the advertisement that shows a very haggard 50-something woman who miraculously morphs into a 30 year old after using two recommended products. Basically the idea is you spend a couple of euros on a trial to see how wonderful these products are. STAY CLEAR!
This is a big scam and you will find your account debited for hundreds of euros. Joe Duffy had loads of callers on his show recently who were left with big holes in their bank accounts after acquiring these ‘free trials’.
Much as I hate to admit it I was caught  in a similar way last year with a ‘trial’. I love using new products, as it gives me the opportunity to tell you about them. Anyway, this product duly arrived in a full-sized tube which impressed me hugely. However, my cough was softened rapidly when I got my next Visa Statement and saw I had been debited by €138. I was livid!
Well, I can tell you I squeezed every last drop out of that tube (I even cut it in half when it seemed empty to get at the inside) and it was no better than any other cheap cream. As I often say, I should now look about 20 if ANY of those products really worked, and let me tell you I don’t… Stick with your favourites.
I’m a fan of the tried-and-tested ones that don’t break the bank, and that don’t make grossly exaggerated claims. If there was a cream out there that did the job of a full-on facelift, believe you me there would be no need to send free trials. Agreed?
Another thing I find irritating is the saying ‘50 is the new 30’. It’s not; 50 is 50. But you can still look wonderful at 40, 50, 60 and beyond… I never had to put on reading glasses when I was 30, neither did everything droop! Would I want to be 30 again? Absolutely positively not! Been there, done that, wore the hairpiece etc.
Accepting who we are and being grateful for good health at whatever age is by far the better option. Make it your new year’s resolution to laugh more, enjoy special times with family and friends and do something nice for yourself – even if it’s just treating yourself to a magazine or coffee somewhere nice. You’re worth it you know.