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HEALTH Yoga for healing

Boost your immune system now for winter

Lee Kennedy

MOST diseases can be avoided or managed by changing life style and our food diet. Our thoughts and emotions, our non-food diet, also have an affect, good and bad, on all the different functions of our bodies.
As our days get busier with schedules and deadlines we seem to have lost our ability to recognise sickness at its subtle level and generally only take notice of our health when it is of a more serious nature. Even then, we look for the quick fix, the band- aid approach, relating only to the specific organ or limb that is being affected rather than looking at our all over health and well being.
We could save ourselves a lot of pain and stress, by learning to recognise our problems at the emotional level before they translate into physical disease. We can get more to the heart or the root of our illness by trying to understand more about why we lose our mental balance.
Disease or illness that seems to present itself in a specific part of our body can sometimes be a sign of some thing else, possibly some disharmony in the body-mind complex of the whole personality. Factors like hereditary, environment, diet, activities and R & R all contribute and influence our health.
The Yoga way of life, and its system of self-development teaches us consciousness about what our body needs and about our sustainable power and can offer a more holistic approach to this management of our general health and well being.
Yoga is something very concrete to use in life, it allows the body to heal itself, enhancing the normal functioning of the different systems in the body, which is proving more important in maintaining our quality of life.
This self awareness is helping us to physically feel better, be happier in ourselves, and helping to lower stress and anxiety levels.

The Fish Pose

  • This pose tones the nerves of the neck and back, stimulates the muscles of the belly and front throat while also expands the chest and ribcage helping increase lung capacity and helps you achieve a deeper breath.
  • To begin, come to lie on your yoga mat with your legs extended and feet together. Place your hands palms down underneath your buttocks, pressing your buttocks on to the back of your hands.
  • Pressing down on your elbows, inhale and arch your back. Drop your head back so that the top of your head is moving towards the floor.
  • Keep your weight down into the elbows and forearms (See pic).
  • Breathe deeply while in the position.
  • To come out of the pose lift your head and draw the chin towards the chest, release the back of the head to the floor, then release the hands.

Avoid this one if you have any lower back or neck injuries

Lee Kennedy qualified with The BKS Iyengar Yoga Association UK, the YTTC and Ana Forrest of Forrest Yoga. She specialises in pregnancy-related yoga and also studied with Janet Balaskas, founder of the Active Birth Foundation, UK. Visit or call 0863906343 for more information.