Top trad at Westport Town Hall

Going Out

LONGTIME COLLABORATORS Shane McGowan and David Munnelly.

Westport Town Hall Theatre will host renowned traditional Irish musicians David Munnelly and Shane McGowan, with special guest Anne Brennan, this Friday, July 29, at 8pm.
Expect Irish trad tinged with all sorts of other influences, from jazz to ragtime to world music – and an electric atmosphere.
A multi-award-winning box player, and dubbed the ‘The Bullet from Belmullet’, David Munnelly was born into a musical family and grew up surrounded by music. Widely regarded as one of the most influential Irish accordion players of his generation, he has played with legendary Irish bands De Dannan and The Chieftains.
He also fronts The David Munnelly Band (with Shane McGowan on guitar and Joseph McNulty on fiddle), which formed in 1999.
Shane McGowan – an acclaimed guitar genius at home in a myriad of genres – hails from Lavagh in south Sligo. McGowan started playing guitar in his teens, and is drawn to Irish music as well as rock, swing and jazz. He has guested with a huge range of bands, including Slide, Geraldine McGowan and the John Carty Festival, and he has toured with the likes of Lunasa and Dolores Keane.
They will be joined on-stage by Anne Brennan from Maam Valley, a member of the well-known group The Brennan Sisters. Anne comes from a family steeped in traditional music and song and has toured throughout Ireland and Europe as a solo artist.

For tickets, visit or call the Westport Town Hall Theatre box office on 098 28459.