Belmullet’s tidal pool becomes a stage

Going Out

POOLS APART ‘Disappearing Islands’ explores our contrasting emotions associated with the sea. Pic: Tom Swift

Music, song, dance and more in site-specific show

Award-winning, site-specific specialists The Performance Corporation are celebrating their 20-year anniversary by embarking on a unique theatrical adventure in the stunning surroundings Belmullet’s tidal swimming pool, which overlooks the beautiful vista of Blacksod Bay.
Entitled ‘Disappearing Islands – Songs from the edge of the world’ and inspired by the landscape and the stories of loss at sea from the region, this new theatrical show will be performed from September 16 to 19, when contemporary dancers, a mezzo-soprano, a-cappella male vocalists and a world-class accordionist will create a show filled with heart, hope and humour.
‘Disappearing Islands’ will be an immersive experience in every sense. The audience is invited to take a communal dip in the tidal pool for the show’s finale – a moment that reflects the sea’s ability to bring people together.
With one foot in the waters of the Atlantic, the show will explore the deep influence of the sea on this coastal community, from times past to the present day. Here, the ocean is a powerful life-giving force, but a force that is also associated with tragedy. Through a series of songs and dance choreographies, the play explores our contrasting emotions associated with the sea. In doing so, it  touches on themes of environmental and personal loss and ultimately asks if the sea can save us from ourselves.
During their research for Disappearing Islands, the artistic team discovered unexpected inspirations and new connections. They spoke to fishermen, historians, lighthouse keepers, environmentalists and sea swimmers. This research brings an often playful texture to the piece, which takes the audience on a journey across the globe, from the D-Day beaches of Normandy, to the mythical island of Hy Brasil.
Composed by Ellen Cranitch, written by Tom Swift and directed by Jo Mangan, the play features mezzo soprano Naomi Louise O’ Connell from Co Clare; Limerick-based dancer Isabella Oberlander; Dublin-based dancer Sarah Ryan; Westport based seven-piece male vocal group CODA, and internationally acclaimed accordionist David Munnelly, who grew up within a stone’s throw of the tidal pool.

Tickets on sale from tomorrow, July 20, via