Environment to fore of Inagh exhibition

Going Out

DEVASTATION AND REPAIR Part of the Falling in Love Outward exhibition in the Inagh Valley.

‘Falling in Love Outward’, a site–specific, international exhibition, was launched last week at Interface – a visual artists’ workspace in the Inagh Valley, Connemara. It involves nine artists engaging with themes of ecological devastation and repair through a variety of media, including film, textile, sound and paint.
Taking its title and impetus from The Ecology of Perception, an interview by Emergence magazine with philosopher David Abram, the exhibition urges a ‘falling in love outward’ with the world around us as the only path towards ecological recovery. Viewers are invited to reflect on their physical surroundings and how the environment can be repaired.
The nine artists are members of three artist–led initiatives, drawn together through online programming at Interface during Covid lockdowns: Westport’s Breda Burns, Galway’s Jane Cassidy, and Castlebar’s Ian Wieczorek (Interface, Connemara); Zahra Zavareh, Emmy Djikstra and Jenny Soep (Detroit, Stockholm); and Seçil Yaylali, Özgür Demirci (Pasaj, Istanbul) and Gülçn Aksoy (Turkey).
The exhibition is part of the Galway International Arts Festival, which runs until July 24.