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Going Out

UNIQUE PERSPECTIVE  Musician, writer and spoken word artist Willzee.

Next week, July 18 to 22, is Local Traveller Pride week, and to coincide with the celebration of Traveller culture, the Linenhall Arts Centre, Castlebar, is welcoming Limerick Traveller musician and writer William Casey, aka Willzee, to the stage on Thursday evening, July 17.
Willzee writes and makes music about the problems faced by young people from the Travelling community and how through music and spoken word communities can heal.
A Traveller raised in a ‘settled’ foster home, Willzee’s work is coloured by a unique insight: “I existed in the middle line of both cultures which at first was difficult. But, as I grew, so did my meaning and purpose,” he explains. “I have seen discrimination, both subtle and overtly hostile. It’s unfortunate that these problems still exist, and that there is no plan to bridge the gap between both communities. Each side surely wants the same thing: to live in peace, know their neighbour and most importantly, to feel safe.”  
Willzee’s debut album ‘Kut’i Gris’, released in April, has been described as ‘a gritty, world aware recollection of a fascinating life’. He uses the album as a means to honestly express his identity as well as loss, revealing that ‘throughout my life, my heart has been broken multiple times from the loss of both my parents to siblings and friends’. In Traveller Gammon, ‘kut’i gris’ translates to ‘a piece of heart’, a reference to how each track represents a piece of heart, lost or found.

For more, visit the or call The Linenhall Arts Centre on 094 9023733.