In voice for Ukraine

Going Out

A special concert in aid of wartorn Ukraine is being held in St Patrick’s Church, Newport, this Thursday, June 9, at 7pm. The concert will feature the Neuer Kammerchor Heidenheim (an award-winning German chamber choir comprised of 16 to 21 year olds), as well as Westport Children’s Choir, Westport Youth Choir, Newport NS Gospel Choir and a range of Ukrainian musicians, including pianist Anastasiia Balaban, bassist Igor Sodomora and singer Vitaly Grin.  
The concert is being organised by Westport Children’s Choir director, Eriko Uehara Hopkinson, with the help of Anne McGowan and the Newport Refugee Support Volunteer Group. Towards the end of the evening, the choirs will come together to sing the EU anthem, Beethoven’s No 9 Ode to Joy, in a joint celebration of our humanity. The famous symphony was in fact Beethoven’s rendering of composer Friedrich von Schiller's lyrical verse ‘Ode to Joy’ from 1785, in which Schiller expresses his idealistic vision of the human race becoming brothers.
The concert will also mark the young German choir’s first trip abroad since Covid struck – not an easy thing for a group whose former concert tours brought them to Argentina, South Africa, Estonia and Finland, Brazil, the Balkans, Mexico and Guatemala, and Romania.

Tickets, €10 each, will be available at the church door on the night.