An invitation to an otherworld

Going Out

ON SHOW ‘When all we knew was love’, by Jane Williams, watercolour on wood panel.

‘Unravelling’, a solo show by Louisburgh artist Jane Williams, opens on Friday, June 3, at The Clew Bay Hotel Gallery, James Street, with an introduction by Bríd Conroy of Tertulia Bookshop.
‘Unravelling’, the artist explains, invites viewers to disentangle from the ties of identity, to think beyond our limitations and step unbounded into an expansive otherworld.
Each of the small-scale works in this collection read like a fairytale embroidered with dark threads of anticipation allowing us to add our own narrative and ask questions beyond our usual perception.
The icon-like paintings are worked in layers of watercolour on gesso birch ply blocks, then varnished and waxed to make them beautifully tactile.
Williams’ interest in icons has been long held. “I have always had a fascination with religious icons and how they provide a doorway to a sacred world,” Williams explained in 2020. “They are present in my acrylic and watercolour paintings as intangible and faceless figures which exist beyond time and place.”
Williams graduated with a degree in fine art/textiles from Goldsmiths’ college, London where she specialised in experimenting with machine embroidery techniques to create richly textured figurative works. She later studied painting at GMIT Castlebar, where she discovered how to translate her personal style into drawings and paintings.
Originally from northwest England, Williams has lived in London, France and Spain. She has now made her home in Louisburgh, where she paints full-time. Her work has shown in solo, joint and group shows around Ireland and is in many select private collections in Ireland and UK.

‘Unravelling’ opens on Friday, June 3, at 6.30pm. All are welcome. The show will run until June 30.