Ballagh’ brothers’ bravery brought to life

Going Out

BROTHERS IN ARMS Frank and Jack Shouldice.

Ballaghaderreen brothers Frank and Jack Shouldice were among the Dublin Brigade’s 1st Battalion at the Four Courts, the last Volunteer garrison to lay down its arms in the Easter Rising. Having faced incredible odds all week, the battle for Dublin’s North King Street did not end when Pádraig Pearse issued an order to surrender. It was, for those who lived through it, an experience they would never forget.
‘Six Days’ is a highly evocative stage show re-imagining of those incredible events based largely on the personal accounts of those who took part. It will be performed by writer/director Frank Shouldice, whose grandfather (and namesake) was a sniper at the Jameson Malthouse in Smithfield. Frank will be accompanied by cellist Frieda Freytag whose signature pieces are composed especially for this performance and Rob Campbell, with soundscape design by Seán Higgins.
With personal accounts, forensic research and an original cello score, ‘Six Days’ uses spoken word, live cello and a riveting soundscape to bring it all to life.
Writer/director Gerry Stembridge described it as: “Funny and terrifying and tragic – the production’s haunting original music, Frank Shouldice’s restrained, deeply-felt narration: it all added up to an experience that was compelling in the moment and stayed with me long after I left the theatre.”
Dublin Lord Mayor Alison Gilliland said: “Complimented by stunning musical scores, the simplicity of the presentation makes this play very powerful while the intimate connection between the narrator and the story reminds us of the human connections between past and present life stories and allows moments of real humour.”
The show has echoes of modern day Ukraine where a small group of volunteers motivated by principle are taking on a much bigger adversary against all odds.

‘Six Days’ will be performed in Westport Town Hall Theatre on Saturday, June 4. Tickets available at the box office on 09828459 or online at