Waking the Mall’s walls

Going Out

OUTDOOR SHOW Elaine Mears, writer and director of ‘If Walls Could Talk’, is the current Associate Artist at the Linenhall Arts Centre.

If walls could talk, what secrets would they tell?
On Sunday, March 27, as darkness falls across Castlebar’s Mall, ‘If Walls Could Talk’ will open a door to olden days, revealing past stories hidden beneath its surface.
Castlebar was the epicentre of British rule in Co Mayo and The Mall was indebted to key institutions – the prison, courthouse and barracks – that controlled the native Irish people. Its soil and stones are steeped in so much history. Its landscape and buildings are a repository for memories of the lives that passed through them.
This tale is inspired by a collection of stories from locals about the park, the buildings and their memories of The Green and Mall that confront some of the darker narratives of Castlebar, as well as some of the most beautiful aspects which deserve celebration and remembrance. Only by exhuming the ghosts of the past and laying some of our more shadowy histories bare, can we really come to understand the nature of this place and our relationship to it.
‘If Walls Could Talk’, a theater work in progress by Elaine Mears (Associate Artist with the Linenhall Arts Centre), disrupts space and time by interweaving people’s lives and stories from different ages into one synchronised moment. Encounter elements of both traditional and experimental theatre in this outdoor sensory experience. Headphones will be supplied to the audience.

Tickets are available through The Linenhall Arts Centre website.