Goss and Kinsella to play in Ballina

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DYNAMIC DUO Kieran Goss and Annie Kinsella

Pair to perform ‘stunning’ debut album ‘Oh, The Starlings’

Kieran Goss and Annie Kinsella will make their first appearance at Ballina Arts Centre on Friday, March 11, with a performance of their acclaimed album ‘Oh, The Starlings’, first released in 2019 to rave reviews from critics, fellow musicians and music fans.
Recorded in New York with eight-time Grammy winning engineer and mixer Kevin Killen at the helm (David Bowie, Peter Gabriel, U2, Elvis Costello), ‘Oh,The Starlings’ is a work of art with poetry and melody at its heart.
While at times reminiscent of the great music of the ’70s – Joan Baez, Joni Mitchell and Leonard Cohen – Goss and Kinsella undeniably succeeded in creating something uniquely theirs: an album that is both classic and modern, simple and multi-layered, quiet and dynamic.
The Irish Times described it as ‘quite simply stunning’ – “Great songs, beautiful harmonies and an artistic triumph that constantly reminds us that less is more.”
Irish Music Magazine was equally effusive. “Oh, The Starlings is a stunning debut! An astonishing, genre-defying piece of work. It’s one of those recordings that rewards repeated listening by revealing subtle textures that might have been missed the first time around. I’m confident that it will find its way on to ‘Best of’ lists when we look back on the recordings that moved us in 2019.”
Alongside songs from ‘Oh, The Starlings’ the duo will also be performing some of Kieran’s much-loved back catalogue, and for the first time will introduce new songs written during the pandemic.

For tickets (€22 each), contact 096 73593 or visit www.ballinaartscentre.com.