Womanhood centre stage in Westport double bill

Going Out

SoloSIRENs is a collective of emerging and established women theatre artists who are writing and performing their own work. As part of a national tour, it is presenting a thought-provoking double bill in Westport Town Hall Theatre on Friday, February 11, at 8pm: ‘Enthroned’, by Jenny Macdonald, and ‘Baggage’, by Nicole Rourke.
Both of these shows sold out in Dublin’s Civic Theatre in Tallaght during the SoloSIRENs Festival in 2019, and they went on to be presented online during lockdown during last year’s First Fortnight – the annual arts and culture event synonymous with mental health awareness, challenging prejudice and ending stigma. Both are stories of female triumphs, hardships, mistakes and reckoning.
‘Enthroned’ is an international collaboration between Jenny Macdonald, New York-based director Joe Salvatore and Toronto-based scenographer Troy Hourie. It tells the tale of Princess Jenny, an everyday heroine on a quest for a throne of her own. Along the way she needs to fend off some adversaries from outside and within. She has read every self-help book, so why does she keep letting in the wrong man?
A modern fairytale, ‘Enthroned’ charts a woman’s journey to confirm her right to existence, and to be fully herself in a world that still tells women to be less.
The second offering, ‘Baggage’, is the story of a woman unpacked. The seams have burst, the lid is lifted, her secrets are out. Baggage takes us on a dark comic journey from a small town in Ireland to the dance floors of Buenos Aires. This is not a coming of age story – she is far too old for that. This is a coming of rage!
Nicole Rourke’s spoken-word performances have featured in festivals around Ireland and internationally. Her play ‘Raven and The Crone’ (First Fortnight 2019) was created with the late Dublin-based spoken-word artist Raven and directed by Deirdre Molloy.

For tickets, visit www.westporttheatre.com or call 098 28459.