Linenhall screens ‘The Reason I Jump’

Going Out

AUTISM EXPERIENCE Jim Fujiwara stars in ‘The Reason I Jump’.

The Linenhall Film Club is showing the screen adaptation of Naoki Higashida’s book ‘The Reason I Jump’ on Tuesday, November 30, at 8pm.
Published in 2007, the book gave an account of a Japanese teenager’s life as a non-verbal autistic person – as transcribed from words he pointed out on a letter board. This award-winning documentary is not focused on the now 26-year-old man, but instead uses Higashida’s words to help immerse the viewer in the subjective experience of non-verbal autism.
Director Jerry Rothwell (‘Town of Runners’) interweaves scenes of every-day life for five young non-speaking autistics, with sequences that attempt to simulate the sensory experience of non-verbal autism. The diverse experiences and emotions fuel this documentary and transport the viewer to experience a world without speech. The result is an engaging, compelling and insightful exploration of neurodiversity.
Note, this film contains a sequence of flashing lights that might affect viewers who are susceptible to photosensitive epilepsy.
Admission, €5/€7. Runtime: 82 mins. To book, visit via or call 094 902 3733.