‘Motherload’ champions the cargo bike

Going Out

ALL ABOARD A scene from ‘Motherload’.

15 Minute Westport, the activism group promoting cycling as a healthy, sustainable lifestyle choice, is screening the 2019 film ‘Motherload’ in Wesptort’s W Cinema on Wednesday, December 1, at 8.30 pm.   
An award-winning documentary, ‘Motherload’ captures a new mother’s quest to understand the increasing isolation and disconnection of modern life, its planetary impact and how cargo bikes could be an antidote.
Filmmaker Liz Canning cycled everywhere until she had twins in 2008. Motherhood was challenging, but to Liz hauling babies via car felt stifling. She Googled ‘family bike’ and uncovered a global movement of people replacing cars with cargo bikes: long-frame bicycles designed for carrying heavy loads. Liz set out to learn more, and ‘Motherload’ was born.
Since its world premiere in May 2019, the film has been on a Global Screening Tour featuring over 500 live and virtual venues. Now it’s Westport’s turn.

Tickets: €6 each. Runtime: 81 mins. To book, visit www.thewcinema.com.