Keith Barry returning to Mayo

Going Out

MIND BENDING Mentalist, hypnotist and magician Keith Barry is Mayo bound.

Hypnotist and entertainer Keith Barry’s new show ‘Reconnected’ will be touring nationwide next year – stopping off in Ballina’s Great National Hotel on January 13, and Castlebar’s Royal Theatre on February 19.
The acclaimed mind magician aims to ‘reconnect’ the people of Ireland with this show, which promises to be magical, mystical and emotional, while packed with mind-reading, audience participation and – as always – plenty of laughs.
Despite the Waterford native’s incredible talent for delving deep into the thoughts of his volunteers, performing daring escapes and conjuring up spell-binding magic, he doesn’t claim to have any superpowers or superior mental fortitude.
Refreshingly, he has also been open with The Mayo News about his own struggles in life, how fishing in Mayo has been an escape for him, and how hypnosis has helped him personally.
“I have the full ability to be able to switch on to do what I do and then switch off,” he told Ger Flanagan, who interviewed him a few years ago. “So I like to go fishing, and I spend a lot of my time fishing for salmon on the River Moy. I’m not all into hacking brains and that, although all the other fisherman want me to do is hypnotise the fish out of the river!
“We all have our bad days and good days, even me. But I think I have the tools to deal with stressful situations perhaps better than most.
“I was in a massive car accident [about 15 years ago now] and I had to use self-hypnosis to allow them to put my foot back into the socket after my tibia and fibia was smashed. I also used hypnosis on my wife for the birth of our second child.
“So I use these tools all the time. I’m certainly not bulletproof and I don’t pretend to have superpowers. I get stressed just as much as anyone else, but I don’t let it get on top of me.”

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