Westport Film Club screens Kenyan drama ‘Rafiki’

Going Out

DOUBLE ACT Samantha Mugatsia and Sheila Munyiva are the stars of controversial Kenyan movie, Rafiki.

The Westport Film Club presents Kenyan romantic drama ‘Rafiki’ tomorrow, Wednesday, November 6 at 8.45pm in the W Cinema.
A vibrant LGBT love story set in an intolerant environment, ‘Rafiki’ means ‘friend’ in Swahili and tells the story of a love between Kina and Ziki whose fathers are rivals in the local Nairobi elections. What begins as a gentle flirtation between the two young ladies quickly becomes a deep connection, but they cannot display their affection publicly as homosexuality is illegal in Kenya.
Days after becoming the first Kenyan film selected to play in the Cannes Film Festival, the Kenyan Board of Film Classification banned the film after director Wanuri Kahiu refused to make the changes they proposed to the film’s ending. Kahiu fought back and sued the Kenyan government to allow the film to play in cinemas. She won her case and the film was allowed to play for seven days, including sold out screenings in Nairobi.
‘Rafiki’ is 82 minutes long and in English and Swahili. It is unrated by IFCO but received a 12A from the British Board of Film Classification for moderate violence, infrequent strong language and discriminatory behaviour.
The final movie of the autumn/winter 2019 season will be Pedro Almodóvar’s ‘Pain and Glory’ on Wednesday, December 4, featuring Antonio Banderas in one of his career’s best performances as a stand in for the director reflecting on his own life and work.
Tickets can be purchased in the W Cinema from 8.30pm on Wednesday, November 6. Non-members are always welcome and guests can pay €10 entry per film.