Level Best are Westport bound

Going Out

BLUEGRASS VETERANS  Premium US bluegrass band Level Best.

The team behind Westport Folk and Bluegrass Festival are putting on another one of their famed year-round gigs for bluegrass fans, this time welcoming American five-piece Level Best to Westport. These bluegrass veterans will play a free session in the The Clew Bay Hotel front bar at 7pm on Friday, October 25.
With exciting solo work on fiddle, dobro, mandolin, and banjo, Level Best has that soulful polished sound that has been earned with years of playing bluegrass and country music. But as you’ll often hear it said in bluegrass, it’s all about the singing. And that goes double for Level Best – or, more accurately, quadruple. Because four members of the band love to sing, and all are at home singing lead or harmony. That makes a dozen different trio combinations, and a unique range of vocal colors in one band.
Listen to Wally Hughes turn it loose on ‘Paint the Town’, or Lisa Kay Howard-Hughes’s close harmony rendition of ‘Pathway of Teardrops’, or James Field’s revival of ‘Riding My Thumb to Mexico’, or Terry Wittenberg’s take on ‘High on a Hilltop’, and you’ve already been on an amazingly varied vocal journey. Joe Hannabach focuses all his energy on that most important instrument in any bluegrass band – the bass.
With an engaging repertoire of bluegrass and country gems, Level Best is primed to make its mark with audiences everywhere.