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The monsters are coming

Going Out

‘The Under The Bed Monsters’ is a colourfully illustrated book aimed at three to seven year olds who might harbour fears of the dark and what might be hiding out in shady corners. No ghoulish spooks here: By getting to know them, we discover that under-the-bed monsters are actually furry, friendly little beings who take care of children … whilst also getting up to lots of mischief.
Readers young and old have been enjoying ‘The Under The Bed Monsters’ since its official launch late last year. Galway grandmother Ina Broe says that her granddaughter loves this book, and that it has changed her nighttime routine. “She used to have trouble going to sleep at night,” she reveals, “but that is all gone.”
Now the book’s creators are bringing their furry little friends to children all over Ireland on a nationwide book tour, stopping off in Westport Public Library on June 16 at 11am, Castlebar Public Library on June 16 at 2pm, and Ballina Public Library on July 14 at 11am.
“One of our main aims with this book tour is to promote and encourage a love of reading and books in children from an early age by making it fun and exciting for them,” explains Loughrea-based author and father of two, Gaw Ward. “Our beautiful illustrations and rhyming narrative has captured the imagination of every child who has experienced them, and we are so proud to be able to share it with even more of Ireland’s ‘little monsters’!”
Why not bring your
very own little monsters to one of the tour stops in Mayo? It could mean  sounder nights’ sleep for everyone....

For more information, find Under The Bed Monsters on Facebook, or visit