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‘Patient’, by Bartosz Kolata, oil on canvas.
‘Patient’, by Bartosz Kolata, oil on canvas.

Two new exhibitions at the Custom House

Two new exhibitions are opening at the Custom House Studios Gallery at Westport Quay this Thursday: ‘The Celtic Zoo’, by Limerick sculptor Tom Fitzgerald, and ‘Patience’, by Polish artist Bartosz Kolata. 
Tom Fitzgerald’s ‘The Celtic Zoo’ is a set of 24 mixed-media drawings on paper, completed in 2011. They are an attempt to document, in an absurd and satirical manner, the ineptitude, greed and corruption of recent years in Ireland, with particular reference to the Celtic Tiger period.
In each drawing, the action unfolds in an imaginary landscape, which can vary from the Garden of Eden to the lunar surface. Some of the drawings contain oblique references to the work of well-known artists such as Bosch, Masaccio, Durer, De Chirico, Bruegel. In a process which is a reversal of how most artists work, the title came first. The drawing then developed as an exploration of the concepts within the title. The media used in the drawings is mainly pencil, watercolour and beeswax.
Fitzgerald was born in Limerick in 1939. He studied at the Limerick School of Art & Design, where he later served as head of the sculpture department. He was a founding member of Limerick’s annual EV+a exhibition in 1977. Solo shows include ‘A History of Silence’ at the Ashford Gallery, Royal Hibernian Academy; ‘The Ministry of Dust’, at Limerick City Gallery of Art; a retrospective at Monaghan Museum  and shows at the Butler Gallery, Kilkenny and the Rubicon Gallery, Dublin; Project Arts Centre, Dublin; and Hendriks Gallery, Dublin.
The exhibition ‘Patience’, by Bartosz Kolata, is based on photographs found in various books and the internet about World War II, and is dedicated to the victims of war and inhumanity.  The artist is not interested in the political, religious or nationalistic aspect of the images; his aim is to create awareness of the cruelty that surrounds us and the importance of respecting life.
Kolata was born in 1979 in Torun, Poland. In 2006, he graduated Art Conservation and Restoration at Nicolaus Copernicus University UMK with Master of Art Degree. He has lived in Dublin since 2005. A multi-award-winning artist, he has exhibited in No Grants Gallery, Temple Bar, Dublin; South Studios, Dublin; The Courthouse Arts Centre, Tinahely; and the Office of Public Works, Dublin.

‘The Celtic Zoo’, by Tom Fitzgerald, and ‘Patience’, by Bartosz Kolata will be opened at Custom House Studios Gallery, The Quay, Westport, by Mayo News columnist Liamy McNally on Thursday, March 21, at 7.30pm. Both will run until April 14.