ARTS Creativity bubbling in beautiful Ballycroy

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Creativity bubbling in beautiful Ballycroy

An arts initiative called ‘I Could Read The Sky’ will see the Mayo County Council Arts Office and Mayo Arts Squad team up with Dead Good Guides (UK) and local artists to develop an integrated art project, which will culminate in a public event at Ballycroy National Park on April 13 and 14. 
UK-based Dead Good Guides is an internationally recognised artist-led company with a reputation for ground-breaking work that rigourously explores the boundaries of art and where it engages with society.
Established in 1997 with FÁS support, Mayo Arts Squad provides training in community arts skills for 15 participants every year. Participants come from a variety of backgrounds and work in a variety of contexts, providing workshops, training and street theatre. 
Mayo Arts Squad and Dead Good Guides, who have worked together previously, plan to  create artworks that engage with the landscape, local history and community. The physical landscape of Ballycroy, on the periphery of the European continent, sustains a history of human development, inhabitation, craft, trades, culture and the arts. This project aims to unearth these threads and use that knowledge to raise consciousness around values that shape our present and future.
The project will engage local, regional and national artists and members of the local community. Part of this process began in February with extensive site visits to Ballycroy and  the project site at Ballycroy National Park. The next stage of the project is taking place this month, with the artists working in Ballycroy over a three week art-making phase. This is an open-ended, collaborative, organic approach to developing art work as an immediate response to environment.
All involved, as well as everyone living in the area, are looking forward to the weekend of April 13, when the fruits of the participants’ work will be revealed at the national park.

For more information on ‘I Could Read The Sky’, contact the Mayo Arts Office on 094-9024444, or email