THEATRE Shakespearian romance at The Royal

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Shakespearian romance at The Royal

The highly acclaimed UK’s Icarus Theatre Collective will stage a bold and exciting new production of Shakespeare’s most tragic tale – ‘Romeo and Juliet’ – at The Royal Theatre, Castlebar, this May.
In the instant of a chance meeting, two young people fall in love. Impulsively they marry in secret. Shakespeare vividly captures the beauty, intimacy and ultimate fragility of young love in a hostile world. In defiance of their families and in secrecy from their closest friends, hopeful young lives burn amidst a celestial and cataclysmic backdrop.
Misadventure, family pride, and ancient quarrels abort and bury the most joyous of beginnings, the most hopeful of love stories as Romeo and Juliet, driven apart, find their world becoming a constricting, single mausoleum of fate and death.
Lauded as one of the most fearless and dynamic theatre companies in the UK, Icarus Theatre Collective’s reputation for punchy and vibrant productions of contemporary and classic theatre continues to grow winning countless accolades, including Time Out’s Critics Choice. Of its production of ‘Romeo and Juliet’, a Telegraph reviewer said it was ‘Outstanding. Gripping and passionate’, adding “I envy young audiences seeing it for the first time.”

The UK’s Icarus Theatre Collective present ‘Romeo and Juliet’ at the Royal Theatre, Castlebar, on Monday, May 6, at 8pm and Tuesday, May 7, at 11.30am (ideal for schools).