Dream life and real life


NIGHT WANDERINGS Dreams can bring us to the strangest places.

Sonia Kelly

Recently I had some pretty odd experiences in the dream world.
The most recent was being kidnapped by two previous guests of the Health Retreat and driven through an extensive woodland on the verges of Leenane.
We had driven past a castle, or tower, and it was pointed out as being currently restored for the wedding of the owner who was getting married as soon as possible. This would save the property from being possibly owned by foreigners.
The most alarming part of the kidnapping was the way the kidnappers never answered any question I asked them. We drove around for two hours passing bridges and roads and houses and gardens under construction. There were certainly lots of answers needed.
I went to considerable lengths subsequently to find out if any of it was true, but it was not.
On another occasion I had been taken by a Newport family to live with them. This involved various technical strategies, but to my amazement turned out not to be true either.
In all the various situations I have been in, a dominant theme has been the desire to go home to my bed – despite the fact that I am obviously already in bed. Obvious to everyone else but not to me at the time.
Fortunately one of my grandsons, Mick Grady, has specialised in methods of calming and has managed to calm me down after these dramas.
Other self-help treatments which I use all the time also serve to calm me. Starting at the bottom, I am treating corns on both feet by massaging my knee-caps before I get out of bed, and during the day, with great success. In fact, massage seems to be the answer to a great deal of afflictions.
Another technique consists of pressing my feet against the bottom of the bed several times,  also useful for a weak back. Pressing my elbows down on the bed so that I am raised up also helps. This is good for tummy muscles. I can also treat my eyes and ears, though I have only just started this.
I have practised all these techniques with considerable success. The overarching idea is not just to help myself but to also help others by sharing them, as they seem to me to have great potential.

Sonia Kelly, now in her late 90s, is an author, poet, entrepreneur and regular Mayo News contributor. She founded Cloona Health Centre in Westport in 1973.