Taking stock


NEW YEAR, NEW REGIME  Health checks and a better diet, as well as more cuddles, walks and playtime, are on many pets’ New Year wish lists.

The vets view

Conal Finnerty

Happy New Year everyone, we hope you and your pets had a peaceful Christmas season. It’s that time of year that we inevitably make plans and New Year promises, perhaps to do a little more exercise or eat a bit less. Looking back can be a very helpful way of looking forward, as Oscar Wilde would say, because it can give us reference points to act on or change for the better. Taking stock of our pets health is also a good idea at this time of year.

Annual check list
Perhaps we have let our pets’ annual vaccinations, worming and health checks slide a little in 2019. Making the commitment to book an appointment to get these things done would be a good New Year gift for our pets.
Time and time again at our clinic we see pets presenting with preventable conditions that can have devastating consequences – many that could have been avoided if their vaccinations and worming were up to date and a health check had been done.

Weight management
Perhaps we could do with taking stock of our pets’ weight. Maybe the pounds have crept on this past year? Again a health-check visit, during which your pet’s weight can be discussed, would be a very good idea.
Obesity is a very common problem in our pets, and it can lead to similar long-term issues as it does in humans – diabetes, kidney and heart disease, stroke, exacerbation of arthritic conditions (due to carrying excess weight on joints) and breathing difficulties, to name but a few.
Perhaps we need to cut back on not just our own calorie intake, but that of our pets too. There are numerous low-calorie pet foods on the market nowadays to try out.

Mental and physical exercise
Perhaps our pets have been overlooked somewhat in terms of interaction and/or exercise this past year. Maybe a New Year commitment to engage more and exercise our pets more would lead to positive results for both man and beast.

Readers’ questions
In this year’s monthly Vet’s View column, I would like to perhaps try to address and answer some readers’ queries and questions, in so far as would be possible and practical. In this regard, I am inviting you to e-mail me (at the address below) with queries and questions about your pets, and I will try to touch on some each month.
Looking forward to your emails! We here at Skeldale Vet Clinic wish you and your pets a very happy and healthy 2020.

Veterinarian Conal Finnerty MRCVS practises at the Skeldale Vet Clinic in Ballinrobe and Belmullet. Follow the clinic on Facebook, or call 094 9541980 or 087 9185350 to make an appointment. All readers’ questions about pet health are welcome. Please email your queries to Conal at conalmrcvs@hotmail.com.