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Meet May’s Mutt of the Month: Tara


Mutt of the Month  
May  – Tara

Tara is a Lurcher cross of around six months old. Apart from getting ten stars in the looks department, she is such a fun, gentle, loving and happy soul that puts a smile on everyone’s face. She will need someone home during the day, and she would possibly benefit from another dog in the household – or else a lot of people to give her the attention she desires. She can get lonely if left on her own but that is understandable considering she has been through quite a lot of upheaval in her short life.

Tara is just one of many Mayo and Galway rescue dogs at Connemara-based Mutts Anonymous Dog Rescue and Adoption (MADRA) looking for a loving home. All dogs are neutered, vaccinated and microchipped. Please see, visit MADRA’s Facebook page or call or text Marina on 086 8149026.