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Let me entertain you


Diary of a First-Time Dad
Edwin McGreal

Frankie got promoted this month. After spending her first few weeks sleeping in a Moses basket, our little girl has been promoted to a cot. She looks almost lost in the big bed, compared to her previous quarters. The switch was a big deal in our house.
First time parents are easily excited by such developments. I’m acutely aware of this. If I was reading this last year written by someone else, I’d be rolling my eyes to heaven.
But parenthood does change one’s outlook, and you’re easily amazed by every little development. We’re considering cancelling our Netflix subscription because, honestly, we spend most of our time looking at and doting on Frankie these days. And when Frankie is down for the evening, we rarely have enough energy for any Netflix marathons. (I promise we don’t spend the last few hours of our day staring at the baby monitor; I’ve heard of parents who are prone to that though.)
When Frankie’s awake, she’s finding her voice more and more and is experimenting with different sounds every day. She’s starting to make these little screams some of the time, not because she’s cross but because she can. She is fascinated by her ability to make such noises on demand. Most of the time we’re fascinated too, but, I won’t lie, there is a limit to it, especially when you are holding her!
She’s laughing more and more now too, and is inclined to start when she hears us laughing. When I put on an evil laugh (moo haha), she sits bolt upright in shock for a few seconds before laughing. Priceless entertainment I tell you!
Morning starts on Frankie’s clock now. The alarm clock is gathering dust, and the depressing noise that accompanies it is an almost forgotten memory.
And because she’s now in the cot, Frankie can peer through the timbers at her sleeping parents when she wakes. Gradually, her little sounds wake one of us and we look in her direction.
No smile, not yet. More of a look that says ‘Well, are ye just going to leave me here or what?’.
So over one of us goes, and as soon as we are looking down into the cot, the smiling and laughing starts. She knows she’s about to be lifted and the craic can begin.
Getting up in the morning is never something I relish, but it is much more bearable when you get to see your smiling baby looking up at you.
The alarm clock may be making a comeback though. Usually Frankie has us up by 7am. Last Thursday morning though she decided to give herself a little lie in, making Daddy late for work. The race to get ready wasn’t quite as entertaining.

> In his fortnightly column, first-time-father Edwin McGreal  chart the ups and downs of the biggest wake-up call of his life: parenthood.

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