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Meet February’s Mutt of the Month: Brenda


Mutt of the Month    
February – Brenda

This is Brenda (8 or 9). She is perhaps the oldest of 17 hoarded dogs that MADRA recently took in. Some of her family were in such a bad way, that the authorities had to make the difficult decision to put some of them to sleep there and then. The remainder went to MADRA, and all are proving a tough bunch to gain the trust of.
Brenda shares her kennel with the most difficult of all these dogs and is actually a model of bravery and sociability in comparison to him. Brenda seems to understand about people and will come up and take a treat from your hand and let you touch her. We know she will come on if given a chance.
All that this little collie needs is a nice enclosed garden, nice food, a warm place to sleep and some quiet companionship without any pressure. MADRA will happily provide all the back up desired if anyone could find it in their heart to offer her a space and help her in the next stage of her recovery.

Brenda is just one of many Mayo and Galway rescue dogs at Connemara-based Mutts Anonymous Dog Rescue and Adoption (MADRA) looking for a loving home. All dogs will be neutered, vaccinated and microchipped. Please see, visit MADRA’s Facebook page or call or text Marina on 086 8149026.