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TEMPTING FATE If your pooch has a paunch, it’s time to take action before the weight takes its toll.

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Esther Van Luipen

Just like humans, 50 percent of pets are overweight. Even a little extra body fat can impact your pet’s quality of life and relationship with its owners. The added weight can reduce play time, impact mobility and even knock years of the life of your pet due to heart disease or diabetes.
As we all know from watching Operation Transformation, if you only reduce your food intake, the body’s metabolic rate will slow down. This is because the brain can’t tell the difference between starvation and deliberate calorie reduction. When the metabolism slows like this, we feel deeply unhappy.
Well, the same goes for animals. But if your pet is used to getting food as a reward, for example, it can be really hard to help them lose weight.
The good news is that there is new food on the market that changes the obese pets’ unhealthy metabolism into a healthy one, without deprivation. Metabolic ‘advanced weight solution’ from Hill’s is, to my knowledge, the only pet food that naturally activates the metabolism to regulate appetite and to burn fat, making it possible to safely lose and then maintain weight.
As the food does not rely solely on calorie reduction, the pet will feel full and satisfied between meals – making for a happier pet, and owner! The food is easy to administer too. Without strict protocols or precise measuring, 88 percent of obese animals tested lost their excess body weight in two months and maintained it afterwards, as long as the Metabolic food was given.
Dogs that have been obese for a while and are a little older often also have joint problems with arthritis, which makes it hard to exercise. This only adds to the weight problems, as they are not burning off the fat naturally. Hill’s has also developed a special diet for these dogs. It is the same Metabolic diet, but with added Omega 3 fatty acids, which help to break the cycle of inflammation and support cartilage health, helping them to cope with walks and exercise.
Hill’s has also developed a special diet for cats that are obese and have recurring urinary tract infections (a common health issue among overweight felines). This food combines the aforementioned metabolic weight-loss formula with ingredients that dissolve struvite stones, which cause UTIs, as well as Omega 3 fatty acids to promote bladder health.
I have seen great results with these diets in my practice. They are truly fantastic. I recommend them to everyone with an animal that is struggling to keep the weight down. Get Operation Transformation going for your pet, so it will be able to enjoy life to the max.

Esther van Luipen is a veterinary surgeon in Claremorris Small Animal Practice. She can be contacted at 094 9373955 or at living@mayonews.ie.

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