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€11m spent on McHale Park


Almost €11m spent on McHale Park in year when clubs dug deep

Mike Finnerty

THE amount of money that has been spent on the McHale Park project in 2009, and the contributions that Mayo GAA clubs make to the County Board coffers, were two of the most striking aspects of the Mayo GAA Board accounts that were presented to the County Convention last night (Monday).
Figures presented under ‘Fixed Assets’ for the McHale Park pitch and stand would suggest that approximately €10.8m had been spent on the development work in Castlebar up to October 31 this year.
In 2008, the McHale Park pitch and stand had a value of €2,663,474 while that figure has now risen to €13,464,727 — an increase of €10,801,253 since the start of the year.
The estimated total cost of the McHale Park development at the beginning of the project was €16.5m. However, it is believed that the final figure may be lower due to the current economic climate.
A Central Council grant of €5m for the McHale Park project is also laid out in the Mayo GAA Board Balance Sheet, as is a Central Council loan for €1.5m.
Under ‘Current Liabilities’, a bank loan (due within one year) of €500,000 is included, while under ‘Net Current (Liabilities) Assets’, a bank loan (due over one year) of €4,849,609 is also outlined.
MEANWHILE, Mayo GAA Treasurer, JP Lambe, also revealed that the clubs of the county contributed approximately €744,288 to the County Board funds in 2009.
The ‘County Board Draw’ brought in €240,000, summer camps were responsible for €128,517, club affiliation fees and insurance added up to €241,801, club levies accounted for €50,000, club contributions (€100 each) raked in €5,968, and clubs’ contributions for referees expenses were €78,000.
The Mayo GAA Board also took in €173,085 from ‘gates’ at club championship games right across the county during the 2009 season.
In summary, at the end of October, the Mayo GAA Board had spent €466,000 less than it had taken in during the previous twelve months.

Where the money goes.…

Mike Finnerty

IT cost €373,683 to prepare the Mayo senior football team in 2009, an increase of €22,500 on the previous season.
However, the catering costs of John O’Mahony’s squad saw a dramatic decrease in the space of twelve months. Last season’s catering bill amounted to €39,150, compared to €64,000 in 2008.
However, travelling expenses for the Mayo senior squad last season came to €268,161, an increase of €50,000 on the previous campaign. The medical costs of the county senior squad were €48,407 this year.

REACHING an All-Ireland Minor Final for the second successive season meant that the cost of running the Mayo minor squad in 2009 was quite similar to the previous year.
The final tally of €102,602 was down approximately €9,000 on 2008, with the catering bill (€43,898) accounting for most of the expenditure.

THE cost of Mayo’s recent hurling renaissance is plain to be seen in the balance sheet too; it cost €130,901 to send the senior squad into battle last season.
However, this is a decrease of €33,500 on the 2008 figures which totalled €164,442.  The bulk of the running costs of the county hurling team were amassed from travelling expenses which amounted to €89,177.

THE Mayo over 40s team remains the most economical of all the county squads. In 2009, their only expense submitted to the Mayo GAA Board was €3,250 for sportsgear. They spent no County Board money on catering, travelling or medical expenses.