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Horan calls for ‘investment’ in Mayo’s All-Ireland dream

Horan calls for ‘investment’ in Mayo’s All-Ireland dream

Mike Finnerty

MAYO manager James Horan has called for “a huge investment” in Mayo football from all the stakeholders involved in order for the county to push on and win the elusive All-Ireland senior title.
Speaking at Mayo’s All-Ireland Final post-match banquet at the Regency Hotel in Dublin on Sunday night, Horan told the large crowd that while there was “huge progress” made this season, “a huge amount of work” remained to be done.
“I think there’s an important theme to take out of tonight, and for this year,” began the 40 years-old Mayo boss.
“For this team, and the group of players involved, it’s only the start.
“As we said during the year, we got a lot of the inputs right and there’s a lot we’re getting right. But we’ve a huge amount of work to do.
“That amount of work requires resources and people pulling together. It requires County Board, clubs, people on the ground, ye yourselves, to make sure that club football in Mayo, and inter-county football, gets the best set-up and the best structure that it can.
“If we want to be successful, to get Sam Maguire next year, there’s a huge amount of investment needed. So it’s important that we don’t fool ourselves.
“We made huge progress this year, and last year, but there’s a lot more that needs to be done, and can be done.
“So hopefully, with everyone pulling together, everyone facing the same way, this group of players staying together and improving themselves, their girlfriends and wives still giving us the same support, great things are still possible with this team.”
Horan thanked every member of his backroom team individually during his five-minute address, and also paid tribute to his players who “gave everything” for the Mayo GAA cause over the last twelve months.
“It’s great to see the numbers here. It’s not quite what we had planned but it’s important that you’re still here.
“The first thing I want to say is that I hope people appreciate, and acknowledge, just the kind of players that we have in this county.
“We’ve a group of lads at the moment in Mayo that are as good as anyone in the country and that have commitment, effort, and pretty much everything they have over the course of the last year.
“It hasn’t been easy; we’d have ups and downs, good games and bad games, we’ve had defections, we’ve had everything.
“But throughout the course of the year never once did they wane or drop off their efforts.
“They’re an absolute credit to themselves, their families, and the county of Mayo.”
Horan, who is expected to start planning for next season’s campaign next month, also singled out the partners of all involved in the Mayo set-up for special mention.
“The guys put in a huge amount of time and effort and they’re away from a huge amount of activities and events.
“I get the odd mention of 21sts and weekends away and weddings that the guys can’t attend, or choose not to attend.
“They put the commitment into their football. The support that the guys’ girlfriends, partners, wives and families give to the players is phenomenal so you, yourselves, deserve a round of applause.”