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INTERVIEW Chatting with Jedward

Going Out

Jedward take time out from rehearsals to speak to Ciara Moynihan about their fans and their plans

Speaking in stereo

Ciara Moynihan

Before taking to the stage and wowing their fans in Castlebar, Jedward spoke to The Mayo News about life on the road, their upcoming album, their social life, party plans and more.
A very giddy John and Edward were obviously hyped up about starting their national tour – though John did find it hard to stifle the odd yawn. Understandable in light of the fact they have just finished the whopping 57-date X Factor tour. They played in Glasgow on Sunday, April 6, travelled back to Ireland on Monday and arrived in Castlebar the next day to kick off their own 15-date national tour.
Asked if they were exhausted, John gushed “We’re not knackered ... it’s kinda weird ’cause the X Factor tour just finished and everyone else [the other X Factor stars] was like ‘oh my God what are we going to do?’ and me and John, we were like ‘we’ve got a tour and its starting tomorrow!’
“But we’re ok. We’d rather keep going than stopping … with me and John it kind of feels weird just sitting at home – it’s, like, we should be up on stage doing stuff.”
They explained that for them, one of the secrets to staying happy while on tour is that they don’t get homesick because they’re brothers and “we have each other.”
On hearing that Lorraine Hayes, who won tickets to their show in a Mayo News competition, was outside, they were genuinely chuffed. “Where is she? We want to meet her!” When they found out that they would get to see her after the interview and that she was very excited, they were delighted. “Excited to meet us? God!” said John, who seems still blown away by the fact that they have fans. Edward chimed in: “It’s kind of cool that we have that effect, that we just, like, make people happy … it’s so cool!”
The boys were looking forward to getting on stage – and getting back into some of the memorable outfits they wore on X Factor. They giddily explained that they were dying to wear those clothes again, which they said were precious, ‘like gold dust’.
Jedward revealed that their second single, the follow up to ‘Ice Ice Baby’, comes out on May 28. They’re not sure yet what the song will be, “but Louis has loads of ideas … it will be up tempo though.” The boys are also busy working on their debut album, which they disclosed would be out in June.
Considering they are so busy working, do they miss socialising, going to discos and meeting girls? “We’re not really into all that crazy stuff. We’d rather put our energy into the shows. The thing about me and John is that there’s no point in going to a party and not knowing anyone. I’d rather have a party ourselves … We should have a Jedward party and invite all our fans! We’re thinking of getting like a whole Jed Army of Ghostbusters this Halloween and just have a massive, massive get-together.”
John and Edward also said that their Irish tour will have plenty of surprises. They said they would perform not just the songs from X Factor, but also lots of new covers that fans hadn’t heard them sing before, including ‘I’ve got a feeling’ (Black Eyed Peas), ‘Pop Muzik’ (M) and ‘Break My Stride’ (Blue Lagoon) – all of which their Kiltimagh-born manager Louis Walsh picked especially for them. They believe it’s important to sing new songs for their audience. “Imagine if we just sang ‘Ice Ice Baby’ 14 times?” John giggled.
You know, I have a feeling their fans wouldn’t mind...

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