The Mayo News Fuel Price Survey 2019


Edwin McGreal

Applegreen stores in Foxford and Crossmolina have the cheapest fuel in Mayo.
The two stores were among 63 filling stations priced this week as part of The Mayo News fuel prices survey.
Both stores are the cheapest in the county for both petrol and diesel, each coming in at 139.8 (€1.39.8) per litre of petrol and 128.8 (€1.28.8) per litre of diesel.
It is perhaps no coincidence that Applegreen in Foxford is located on the Ballina road out of the town while Mulhern’s Applegreen in Crossmolina is also situated on the town’s Ballina road.
Ballina is, comfortably, the cheapest town to get fuel in of any town with three or more filling stations.
Its ten filling stations have an average price for petrol of 140.6 and 130.0 for diesel.
That’s comfortably ahead of Castlebar, Westport, Ballinrobe, Claremorris, Swinford and Charlestown – the other towns with three or more service stations.
In the four stations in Claremorris, the average price for petrol works out at 143.9 and 130.9 for diesel. The prices in Swinford, where there are three filling stations, work out at 142.5 for petrol and 132.2 for diesel.
Ballinrobe – as has been the case in each of The Mayo News previous five fuel surveys since 2010 – has all three filling stations with identical prices, 144.9 for petrol and 134.9 for diesel.
Identical prices prevail in Charlestown too, 144.9 for petrol and 133.9 for diesel in the three stations there.
Relatively speaking, Castlebar and Westport are expensive towns in which to refuel.
We surveyed the eight filling stations in Castlebar where the average price per litre of petrol was 144.4 and for diesel it was 135.5.
From the five filling stations in Westport town, the average price for petrol was 144.9 while the average price for diesel was 134.3.

The difference in decimals
Both the Applegreens in Foxford and Crossmolina are the cheapest by the very narrowest of margins.
Most stores price their fuel at x.9. Applegreen stores always go that fraction less.  x.8. For example, the two cheapest stores have petrol at 139.8 per litre and diesel at 128.8.
Seven stores, all in Ballina, come in just behind for petrol, at 139.9 while six of those same stores are just behind for diesel, at 128.9.
Were it not for Applegreen’s .8 policy, there would be some crowding at the top of the table.
The wisdom of shopping around is apparent too.
If you topped up in either of the Foxford or Crossmolina Applegreens, you would be saving 6 cent per litre of petrol and 7 cent per litre of diesel on the most expensive stations in Castlebar.
The same gap exists when you look at peripheral regions like Belmullet, Bangor Erris and Achill, while it is greater still when if you filled up in Ballycroy.
The pumps at Keane’s in Ballycroy are the most remote we surveyed, so that helps to explain them being 16 cent dearer per litre of petrol and fully 20 cent dearer per litre of diesel.
Put simply a 50 litre fill of diesel in Crossmolina would be fully €10 cheaper than in Ballycroy.
This is our sixth Mayo News Fuel Survey and the first since 2016. In that time the prices have risen and fallen. The current prices are cheaper than prices revealed in our surveys in 2011, 2013 and 2014, though more expensive than 2016 (the cheapest year) and 2010.

The survey was conducted on Tuesday and Wednesday of last week.

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