A Day in the Life: Sharron Lynskey


HOME IS WHERE THE HEART IS iRadio presenter Sharron Lynskey (right) is pictured outside her family home in Cappagh, Tooreen earlier this summer with her parents Michael and Anne, and brother Seán. This was the day that Sharron broadcast live from her living room!

Name: Sharron Lynskey
Age: 24
From: Tooreen, living in Dublin
Occupation: Presenter with iRadio

SINCE last February I’ve been working full-time with iRadio in Athlone, presenting the IRL show from Monday to Friday from 6pm to 9pm. I’m also the station’s Digital and Social Media co-ordinator so my days are busy, but I love what I do.
Because I work late during the week, I force myself to get up and out in the mornings. My alarm goes off around 8.30am and I’d see my other four house-mates [who are all Mayo girls as well] before they head off to work.
Three of them are teachers.
I’d have a breakfast of porridge and berries or scrambled eggs and mushrooms. Some days I’d go for a jog then or other days I’d catch up on some episodes of Peaky Blinders or some TV that I’ve missed from the night before.
I live in Drumcondra and drive to work in Athlone so I’d usually hit off around 11.15am.
iRadio is based in Monksland and I get there around 1pm — so my working day starts when everyone else is on their lunch-break!
As well as presenting a show, I look after the iRadio website and keep the Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts ticking over. So I’d see what stories need to be updated and posted, what’s popular on a given day, and also go through all the pictures and videos that are sent in by listeners. I take my break around 4.30pm and would have my main meal at that stage. Some weeks I’m all organised and would cook my dinners for the week on a Sunday. I’m not the best cook in the world so it might be something like rice, vegetables and chicken.
Some days I’d pop into Des Hennelly, a proud Mayo man, in ‘Savoury Fare’ just around the corner and grab something to eat there. Their food is lovely.
Although nothing can compare to my mam’s honey-roast ribs! They’re fantastic, my guilty food pleasure. If I’m on my way home to Mayo sometimes, I’d ring mam and say, ‘Will you pop into Paddy Phillips’ in Ballyhaunis and pick up some of those ribs for dinner!’
At work I’d be snacking away during the day on grapes or yogurts, and would probably go through four cups of coffee a day. Although I try not to drink it after 2pm and switch to tea instead. Then, after my break, around 5pm, I start preparing for my own show.
By the time I’m off-air and have lined out some items for the website and social media for the following morning, it’s around 9.30pm and I leave to travel back to Dublin again.
I’m a big fan of podcasts so I’d often listen to one on the drive up; during the GAA season it would be the Mayo News Football Podcast or Off The Ball. I like the Irish History podcast as well, there was a brilliant one recently about police corruption in Mulranny!
Mayo football is a big passion of mine, and one of the big benefits of my timetable at the moment with iRadio is that I’m off at weekends. So I went to most of the Mayo games this year, including the trip to New York in May.
Our house in Drumcondra was taken over by family and friends for the weekend of the Mayo-Dublin match, between parking and people calling in for the fry!
It’s usually around 11pm when I get home from work so winding down is the main priority. I might watch a half-an-hour of Coronation Street or The Chase on TV, have a cup of tea or chat to my house-mates if they’re still awake.
Then it’s time for bed.
I absolutely love my job. When I was 12 or 13 years old, down training with St Mary’s GAA club in Aghamore, and chatting about the new radio station that had just set up and that we all thought was so cool, I never thought in my wildest dreams that I’d end up working there.
But I’m a big believer that if you want something badly enough, and you’re prepared to work hard enough, then you can get it.
As my dad said to me a few years ago, ‘Go for it! And if all else fails you can move back to Cappagh!’

In conversation with Mike Finnerty

Quickfire questions

Tell us something about yourself we don’t know?
I have a Guinness World Record for playing in the longest 5-a-side soccer game ever! It was a fund-raiser for Special Olympics in Barnacarroll Community Centre. But the record has been broken since!

Your favourite place in the world?
My home village of Cappagh in Tooreen! It’s the people that make it so special. I have a great family and the best neighbours in the world.

What do you miss most about being a child?
Not having to pay bills!

What’s the best advice you were ever given?
I’ll have to give my mam the credit here. . Every time I was ever turned down for a job or didn’t get the shifts I wanted, she would say: ‘What’s for you won’t pass you’.
She was right too!

Three things that are always in your fridge?
A punnet of grapes, mushrooms and low-fat milk for tea. And to show that we’re a bit ‘rock and roll’, a few cans of cider!

Who was your first hero?
Christina Heffernan who used to play for the Mayo ladies’ team. She was a gifted footballer and the Mayo captain when they won one of their All-Irelands. I wanted to play for Mayo and I thought she and her sister, Marcella, were brilliant.

Who’s the most famous person you’ve met?
Probably the Dublin footballer, Stephen Cluxton. My friends and I met him on a night out in Coppers’ [nightclub] in Dublin. It was after they’d beaten Mayo so we gave out to him!

What makes you nervous?
The dying minutes of a Mayo match!

What’s your most prized possession?
My car, an 08 Ford Focus. As my dad says, ‘it’s very sturdy’. I’d be lost without it.

If money was no object, what would you do?
I’d go travelling. We’re a small county in a small country and there’s so much to see out there.