A Day in the Life: Henry McGlade


JUDGES iMayoTV presenter Henry McGlade was a judge recently with Jade Clayton and Luke Gibbons at the Foróige’s Got Talent show. Pic: Trish Forde

As a morning person, I am up before 7.30am every morning. The first thing I do is open up my laptop and begin answering a few emails and messages while listening to the radio to keep in touch with what’s going on.
My job is not the normal 9 to 5, it changes everyday. Some days I could be traveling to meetings, lining up programmes and other days I could be out filming, meeting people, reviewing edited footage and generally keeping up with things relating to the programme. On a day of filming, we would have people we are going to meet lined up and therefore a plan of what we are going to get done for the day.
For example, Mayo’s Great Western Greenway documentary which we filmed recently required us to organise interviewees along the length of the Greenway from Westport to Achill. Because of the amount of work required, we split the filming into two days. Day one, we filmed from Westport to Mulranny. We needed to line up interviewees and decide what kind of shots we are going to take of the scenery in order for the day to run smoothly. The following day we went from Mulranny up to Achill. Before we interview each person, we make sure that we go through what the programme is about and what we are going to talk about.
Lunch all depends on where I am. If I’m out filming, I’d go to the nearest coffee shop or nearest place for a bite to eat and if I am at home, I’d eat there. I usually have a light lunch as I wait until the evening for dinner.
I really enjoy my job as I love meeting and getting to know people. The two-part documentary which we filmed about the Greenway is coming up next week.
I would have an extensive background within the media, having previously worked for Irish TV, Midwest Radio and Community Radio Castlebar and also previously owned my own music shop in Market Square, Castlebar. I often MC for some festivals and charity events around Mayo such as the St Patrick’s Day Parade in Castlebar at the weekend.
Typically the iMayo TV show is split into two halves. I do the first half from here at 7pm and then I hand over to Manchester for the ‘Irish in the UK’ part of the show. In total it’s an hour-long show which gives people here the chance to see what’s happening within the Irish communities over in the UK and people over there get all the latest information about everything that’s happening here in Mayo.
According to Sky Showcase’s most recent survey, among British and Irish viewers, The iMayo TV show was the number one show in terms of popularity and viewership on their channel. This has led to Sky giving us an extra slot each week because of the peak in viewership for the show.
It’s tough work, believe me. We try to make it affordable for people to advertise, so we don’t have any office or any staff. Our job is not to make a profit, but  to cover events and bring Mayo to the world. As long as we cover our expenses, eg paying the camera man, the editor and Sky then I’m happy. We are not making money and we are not losing money but it’s developing and growing all the time.
In terms of what we cover, we try to get to every part of the county and cover community related events where we are out and about with people from different communities. It’s about getting everyone involved and showcasing to a wider audience the work that’s going on around the county regarding it’s culture and tourism potential.
I try to be home by 6pm for dinner but depending on filming and meetings it could be slightly later. A typical dinner would be either fish, a stir fry or bacon and cabbage.
After dinner if I have a bit of free time and it’s a nice evening, I like to go for a walk and get some fresh air. At the weekend, when I have a bit more time, I like to go to the pub, enjoy some good company and a nice pint of Guinness.

In conversation with Lúcás Treacy

Name: Henry McGlade
From: Castlebar
Age: 63
Occupation: Broadcaster

Quickfire questions

If money was no object, what would you do all day?
I would travel and go visit friends at leisure.

Tell us something about yourself that we don’t know?
I played in a rock band as a student.

What’s the most unusual thing you’ve eaten?
Snails. I hate the damn things

What’s your favourite place in the world?
I love Mulranny

What makes you angry?
Armchair critics who know everything, but do nothing.

First Hero?
It would have to be Elvis

Name three things that are always in your fridge?
Fruit, chilled wine and cheese.

What makes you nervous?
Before going on stage, any time I go on stage with a microphone I’m nervous even though I’ve been on stage for over 40 years.

Favourite TV show?
Only Fools and Horses

The most famous person you ever met?
I’d find it hard to pick one of them, I’ve met Rod Stewart, Johnny Cash, Meatloaf, Burt Bacharach, Vince Gill, Pierce Brosnan.

Best Holiday?
Greek islands

What do you miss most about being a kid?
Being stress free

What’s your most prized possession?
I’ve got a lovely collection of the old Irish money. Lady Lavery on the notes and the coins which have florins and fish on them.

Best advice you ever got?
From an old woman when I was a young fella. She said: “Henry remember, it costs nothing to be nice to people.”

Describe yourself in three words?
Self conscious, a worrier and driven.

How do you unwind?
A nice cold pint of Guinness and good company