A Day in the Life: Edith Geraghty


PARKLIFE Edith Geraghty of the No Name Club with Martin King of TV3 at President Michael D Higgins’ Garden Party in June 2015.

I’m usually up at 6am and I head to the swimming pool at the Éalú Leisure Centre at the Broadhaven Bay Hotel and I swim for about an hour and a half. I am home for breakfast and at my desk for 9am to start my duties as national public officer for the No Name Club. I love getting up early, it’s how my body clock works and I find it a very productive part of my day.
I wouldn’t take tea or coffee in the morning, I would be more of a fruit person. I love my overnight oats and would eat a lot of fruit. Usually it would be mid morning before I would have a cup of tea or coffee.
If I’m having a cup of coffee it would have to be the best cup. So you’re talking about roasting and grinding the beans and if its tea it has to be Earl Grey, nothing else will do.
My job involves travelling but if I’m working from home I’m at my desk at 9am and making phone calls, chatting with clubs and volunteers, developing training and dealing with the media on pieces for the No Name Club.
This week I am preparing for our National Youth Council meeting which has a representative body of 22 young people and they come together four times a year. They discuss all of the issues around policies and events and what they want to see happening. I’ve been working on all their travel arrangements. Some are travelling by train, others by bus and as well as that I have to ensure they all have lunch when they arrive.
I live in Belmullet, so on the days I’m travelling I would be on the road very early. I may have to travel to our headquarters in Baltinglass in Co Wicklow and meet with other staff members. I would meet with a lot of volunteers from other No Name Clubs in other areas and do a lot of development work with them.
When you live in Belmullet you automatically have to tackle an hour-and-a-half driving in every journey so you are just used to it. The barony of Erris is such a beautiful place to live and we are lucky to live in such a pristine environment, so it is worth the extra hour-and-a-half for every journey to be honest with you.
I love radio. I helped to found the radio station Erris FM way, way back, and I do the morning flagship show there every Friday morning called Good Morning Erris with a great team of volunteers and engineers. It is great because you have very interesting guests and get to chat with people from all walks of life.
I am a news junky, so I’m very much into Morning Ireland and Today with Seán O’Rourke, and I then might switch over to Pat Kenny occasionally. I love my news and I love my politics and finding out what is going on in this country. I find a lot of presenters these days are becoming personalities in themselves and not letting the guests speak. As a presenter I feel your voice should be heard the least in an interview and I find there is a lot of interruptions now in radio.
I got involved in the No Name Club as a volunteer many years ago. I was teaching drama here in Belmullet in the local drama group and the teenagers involved were complaining they had nothing to do. The one thing that impressed me about No Name Club was the mission statement, which said it was a place for young people to have fun and enjoy themselves. It is giving young people the power to run their club the way that they want to and to have fun while doing it. It is an alcohol- and drug-free environment which is excellent.
As I got involved I began working with them ten years ago as a training officer. We are only a small organisation and do deliver bang for our buck. I’m a truly blessed person because I get up every day and know what I do and what all our staff and volunteers do makes a difference.
In the evening, my husband Seamus and I always make a deal of making dinner together so we chat about our day and going over things that happened.
I am a voracious reader. I will always have a book on me no matter where I am. I will always read for about half an hour before I go to bed. The phone is always turned off and I find a good book is a great way to wind down gently after a long day.  
I read a lot of science fiction, fantasy books which are really cutting edge writing and interesting. At the moment I am addicted to the Robin Hobb books so I am finding it hard to put the book down and get some sleep. She has been writing for over 30 years but I have only discovered her recently, so I have the local library driven mad bringing in all her books. Finding the time to read them is another thing.

In a conversation with Anton McNulty

Name: Edith Geraghty
Age: 49
Live: Gladree, Belmullet
Occupation: Public Relations Officer/Programme Officer, No Name Club

Quickfire questions

If money was no object what would you do?
I would spend even more time with my husband, Seamus. We are only married for 28 years so we are not over each other yet

Tell us something about us we don’t know?
I read Hebrew and Aramaic

First hero?
My big brother Michael. He is 17 years older than me … I always looked up to him and still do

Favourite place in the world?
Gladree, the village where I live. It is a beautiful village right on the coast. I was blessed to come to Erris 28 years ago.

What makes you nervous?
Spiders … I hate them

Favourite television show?
At the moment it is The Handmaid’s Tale

Best holiday?
For our 25th wedding anniversary, my husband took me to Rome and we stayed just outside the Vatican

Most famous person you met?
Pope Francis … we were with him for about 20 minutes, it was an extraordinary occasion.

Describe yourself in three words?
Passionate, energetic, a great friend

Most prized possession?
My husband

Best advice ever got?
Be yourself, everyone else is taken