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A Day in the Life: Personal trainer Michelle Malone


GLORY DAY Castlebar-based personal trainer Michelle Malone in action for her native Westmeath against Claire Kearns of Cavan in their All-Ireland Ladies Intermediate Football Championship Final Replay in Croke Park in 2011.  Pic: Sportsfile

For me it’s different every day, as is the nature of the job but what I try and do is stick to some routine by sticking to going to bed the same time every night and getting up the same time every morning if I can.
Generally I’ll be up between 6am and 6.30am every morning and have a shower, I always need one just to wake myself up. Then I’ll have some form of breakfast so that’ll either be porridge or a smoothie and that will get me set up for the day.
It just depends on the day of the week it is, but generally I’ll be off to my first client of the day or else I’ll be going off training myself. I do a mix of training at the moment, I do kickboxing in Ballina and I do a conditioning session. I’m getting married in four weeks so I’m probably adding in a little bit more cardio between now and the wedding.
I’m pretty much active in classes I give, I have a lot of showers! A lot of my classes are choreography type classes, in the sense that I take part with them so they can follow along with me, but then I do some circuit or HIIT (high intensity interval training) so I don’t have to be full-on, myself, in that class. I don’t count teaching classes as a workout for myself, I’ll train once a day myself.
Motivation is a word that gets thrown around a lot, but I don’t see motivation as what you need, it’s just part and parcel of life. Through the horrible weather that we’ve had up to now, motivation doesn’t last, nobody is motivated to go out in the cold and the rain, but for me it’s just good for my health, my mind and my body. At the end of the day I feel like crap if I don’t do it. I think building it into your life, what you do every day is more important than the motivation, because motivation doesn’t last.
Generally I’ll do a mixture of one-to-one work with clients and teach classes to groups. I work in three different areas, in Castlebar, Swinford and then I’m out in Breaffy. Between the three venues I’ll have something on every morning and every evening. I’m usually back in Castlebar at 12pm and at that stage I’ll usually do my own training, grab something quick to eat and then I’ll have administration work to do, planning programmes, working with online clients as well and checking in with everyone. In the evening I have clients again.
I eat salads mainly and I eat by season, I think it’s really important, whatever is good in that season. I always say eat with the weather, at the moment the sun is shining so it’s easier to eat a salad.
I generally don’t get home till 9.30pm or 10pm most nights. I get used to it, personal training is not an easy job. It is early mornings, you’re working with people before work, after work. It can be tiring, I think that’s why I think it’s so important to be eating right and getting sleep. If I’m feeling like crap then I’m going to find it hard to coach people.
In the car I’d listen to podcasts usually, loads of different ones, maybe Gary Vee, Muscle Radio, Brian Keane from Galway. Sometimes it’s music, I’m learning choreography as I go, but I’ll float between music until I nail the moves in my head and then a podcast. And I do like a little bit of Matt Cooper, to dip in and out of the news.
At night I’ll set up my room. I have a Lumie light, I bought it so I wouldn’t have the phone beside me because it’s just such a distraction. The light naturally lights up the room so when you wake up you’re waking up to brightness as opposed to a dark room. I find it great for my mood, because I find my mood is really affected by dark evenings.
I also use lavender candles, make sure my light is set and my phone is across the room or out of the room and I’ll journal. It could be five or ten minutes about the great things that happened in my day or the three things that I want to achieve the next day, so that when I lie down I’m not thinking about what I need to do the next day. Then I’ll choose my meditation, usually a track on YouTube, and I’m usually asleep within 15 minutes.

In conversation with Ciara Galvin

Name Michelle Malone
Age: 36
From: Moate, Westmeath
Living: Castlebar
Occupation: Personal Trainer

If money was no object what would you do all day?
I would fill my days by having a farm where I could adopt unwanted animals and give them a safe place to live and I would have a dance studio because I love dancing.

Tell us something about yourself we don’t know?
I won League, Leinster and All Ireland medals with my county (Westmeath) in 2011.

Favourite place?
I love Italy and the west of Ireland when the sun is shining.

First hero?
My Dad, still is.

Name three things always in your fridge?
Strawberries, water and veg or salad of some sort.

What makes me nervous?
Public speaking.

Favourite TV show?
I don’t really watch TV. I love when the GAA season starts because I’ll watch that. I did watch all of Suits, love a bit of Harvey Speckter.

Most prized possession?
My puppy Buddy that we adopted when we moved to Mayo.

Best advice you ever got?
Not so much advice but I love these quotes: ‘She said she could so she did’ and ‘Dance like nobody is watching’. If I were to give advice it would be to learn how to love and respect yourself and never give up.

Quiet night in or big night out?
Night in with my fiancé Liam and our dog Buddy. I was on my hen night recently and it was the best night ever but definitely not able to do those nights too often anymore.