Mayo News Fuel Survey 2013


Fuel Survey

Ballina cheapest for fuel  in Mayo

Our fuel survey shows Castlebar  and Ballinrobe among most expensive

Edwin McGreal

Ballina is, by a distance, the cheapest place to buy petrol and diesel in Mayo. That’s the conclusion of the latest Mayo News fuel survey conducted across the county last week.
A total of 57 stations were surveyed, from Belmullet to Ballindine, Killala to Louisburgh and everywhere in between as we hit the road to find out where Mayo News readers can expect to find value for money when filling up their car.
Ballina emerged head and shoulders above everywhere else. Three stations in the north Mayo capital were retailing unleaded petrol at the low price of €1.49.9 per litre - only one other filling station in the county, Texoil in Foxford, could match this rate.
When it came to diesel, Ballina was even more competitive with seven stations selling diesel at €1.41.9 per litre. Again, Texoil in Foxford was the only station to match this.
Averaged out, the cost per litre of petrol in the ten Ballina stations surveyed was just €1.51.8 and €1.42.5 for diesel.
To put in perspective the chasm between Ballina and the rest, the dearest in Ballina, Ballina Tool Hire (€1.54.9 for petrol and €1.44.9 for diesel) is still cheaper than 42 of the other 47 stations surveyed. The exceptions are in Foxford, Swinford (2), Killala and Westport.
To give an even starker illustration of the gap between Ballina and some of the others, Ballinrobe is a useful case study. For the third time running in our fuel survey the three stations in the town are the same price for both petrol and diesel - and this time, like each of the last two times, the prices in Ballinrobe are towards the upper end of the survey.
Not everyone takes notice of petrol and diesel prices but the chasm in prices across Mayo shows the importance of shopping around and finding value for money.
For instance, if you were to fill €80 of petrol in your car in any of the three Ballina service stations retailing at €1.41.9 per litre , you would get fifty extra miles for your money than if you paid €80 at any of the Ballinrobe stations where diesel retails for €1.52.9 per litre. That’s based on an average distance of 12 miles per litre. It’s a sizeable saving in these tightened times.
The most expensive station is to be found in Bangor Erris where the Texaco garage in the town retails petrol at €1.62.9 per litre and €1.56.9 for diesel. To be fair, geography is a factor in high prices for stations on the extremes of the county. However some stations on the western margins of the county are keenly competitive when compared countywide.
Topaz in Cashel, Achill and Texoil in Belmullet are both selling petrol cheaper than the average price of petrol in bigger locations like Ballinrobe and Castlebar. You would think that the stations in Castlebar and Ballinrobe have many more variables in their favour for lower prices than stations in Achill and Belmullet but our survey doesn’t reflect that.
What is very apparent from our three surveys conducted in the last three years is that you won’t find much of a variance in prices in a town. If one station brings down their prices, others often follow suit. The same appears to happen with increases in prices.
Prices have come down across the county in recent weeks as the price of petrol worldwide has come down. As recently as last Thursday, there was a $40 a tonne fall in petrol wholesale prices across Europe. It would appear, in the case of towns like Ballina, that some service station are passing on a sizeable lump of the saving to the consumer. It’s not happening everywhere though.


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