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The cost of a political mandate

De Facto

Liamy MacNally

JEREMY Corbyn is the new British Labour leader, voted in by a huge majority, almost 60 percent of the votes cast. He received a mandate because he listened to what people were saying. He reinvigorated politics in England by telling people that he would do what he has always said.
Those of us who spent many a cold day and night in the London of the ‘80s and ‘90s remember him well. He was always a friend to Irish people, especially the wronged, be they the Birmingham Six or Guildford Four. Jeremy Corbyn put his head above the parapet for one simple reason; he knew where his heart was. He was led by a sense of justice and fair play.
Neither quality will be among the calling cards that will greet his election. He was not bound by pin-stripe politics masquerading as reality. ‘Green shoots’ talk ran off him like the verbiage that it is. He was in touch with the people on the ground - the pounds, shillings and pence of Britain. The people responded to his honesty.
Already David Cameron has said that he is a threat to national security. It is amazing how those in power will stoop to any low to throw mud. Why should there be something wrong with someone who is not interested in fighting wars not of their own making? We are reaping the rewards of British and American and general Western involvement in wars that are not ours.
The western allies rushed to procure and provide arms for the benefit of their own warmongers, not their own people or the people of the regimes they fought. The vacuum that was created by a battle weary America across the Middle East has already spawned Isis, which has moved into areas where the western will has been worn down.
Two Britons were executed by their own government forces recently because they donned Isis jackets – no trial, no jury, just the British government as state executioner. Not for the first time. (And if Isis come here we will all become Newgrange conscripts!)

Peace does not pay
And Jeremy Corbyn is the bad boy! Peace does not pay, that is the problem for the cash driven war machine, aided and abetted by big finance. Is it not strange that Ms Merkel, the Queen of Europe, will renegotiate British EU terms if they concede and agree on a European Army? Stranger still how the issue of EU renegotiation is not in the gift of every member state, only Germany’s. An example of it was Germany bypassing the Dublin Regulation (asylum seekers must register with the first EU state they enter) when it bussed people straight to Germany from Hungary. In doing so, other EU states were told they must respect the Regulation!
The cynics are already having a field day. They know that Germany has a huge demographic problem; the present work force cannot sustain the country’s aging population. Germany needs young workers and it needs them fast. They now have their choice of well-educated men and women who have been welcomed there as refugees.
Regardless of the cynics, Germany must be commended for taking a humanitarian lead in this issue, and embarrassing many other EU states by their ‘open arms’ policy.
In this country we counted the numbers – 4,000 refugees, and the cost. Already the Government has calculated that it will cost €48million, and with Italy, Austria and Luxembourg, wants the EU budget rules to be relaxed to facilitate this. Oscar Wilde springs to mind: ‘… the price of everything and the value of nothing.’
We did not count the Anglo Irish Bank numbers after the crash. Michael Noonan has now admitted that he changed his mind on burning bondholders after ECB President Jean Claude Trichet warned him a ‘bomb would go off in Dublin.’
Recently, the Central Bank made ashes of a €500million Anglo bond bomb. They will explode for years, without fuss. It begs the question – who is running the country?
We definitely know who is not – those who received a democratic mandate to do so. Jeremy Corbyn might show us how to live up to a mandate – power granted by an electorate.