The downfall of living downtown

A Breaffy Man in Castlebar
The downfall of living downtown

I’m nearly two weeks living in Castlebar now and one thing is very apparent. It is very easy to get into bad habits. We’re a two minute walk from Blue Thunder and Dominos on Spencer Street and not much further from the local, Ray’s on Castle Street. Temptation is just around the corner. And it is not such a great thing when you’re trying to get into a healthy routine after nine months in college.
Especially in the run-up to exams, it was hard to avoid going for the easy option - the take-away in the evening. I wasn’t helped by the opening of an Italian chipper in Clarinbridge. But, I told myself, come June 1 and my move into Castlebar, things would be different. I’d go out for porter only occasionally - every two weeks was my thinking. And it would be nothing but healthy eating.
But such a mission has received a moratorium. Most of my targets do. I’m told at home in Breaffy that I’m a great man for saying ‘later’ when asked to do something. I can see what they mean.
I’ve told myself now, this week, that it starts now. No more unnecessary making a pig out of myself. Just because I come home in the evening and am hungry, doesn’t mean it is better to go down the road for a burger and chips than throw something together in the apartment. Quicker, yes; nicer, probably but better? No.
The convenience of the pub too is a problem. When I was in Breaffy it was quite simple - I didn’t go out unless I was out for the night, which wasn’t that frequent. I was never a fan of the hassle of going into town for a ‘few’. Arranging a lift in, getting a taxi home and all that was too much of an inconvenience. Now I’m just a five minute walk from town and as most people can testify, going for a ‘few’ can often turn into ‘many’.
I went into a quiz last Thursday night. A good way to spend an evening and a few relaxing pints to boot. Come midnight though, and the end of the quiz, and the talk was inevitable. “Sure you’ll go for one in Cox’s.” I did and one became three. I’m not complaining that much. It was a good bit of craic and it is great to have the freedom that comes with living in town. But I will have to be a bit more circumspect some of the time. All that I need is a dose of self-discipline. It’s Monday as I type. I think I’ll start tomorrow. In the mean time . . .