No getting rid of the ‘Man Flu’

Off the fence
No getting rid of the ‘Man Flu’

Off the fence
Anton McNulty

TWO weeks ago I attended the historic occasion of the last rugby International in Croke Park before the rugger boys return back to the leafy suburbs of D4 and the new Aviva Stadium. True the result was not the greatest but as a Mayo person it has become second nature to leave Croke Park disappointed.
The trip to Croker is where the subject of this week’s column originates but it is not about whether the soccer or rugby Internationals should continue to be played in GAA headquarters – I am staying firmly on the fence on that one – or about the over-priced tickets, or what exactly ‘Ireland’s Call’ is supposed to represent.
For the game, I was accompanied by my Australian cousin and her friend and seeing that it was their first time in Dublin I was obliged to show them the sights of the capital.
After the game we returned to The Big Tree for a few beers before heading into town to get some curry chips and cheese in Supermac’s.
Told you I was showing them the good time! And to cap off the evening we headed off to Harcourt Street’s finest, ‘Copper Face Jack’s’.
Waiting in line for up to 40 minutes at one in the morning to be let into Coppers is not the best idea, and I had a feeling I was going to pay for it.
I woke up Sunday afternoon feeling like crap but I put that down to one ‘jack and coke’ too many but by Monday I knew it was different. I went to work feeling groggy and by the end of the day I knew I had it.
I had a stuffed up nose, a headache and generally felt like shit. I had the cold.
I have to ask is there anything worse than getting the cold or flu especially during this time of the year.
The weather just starts to come good and you feel awful. And the worst thing about it is you can’t do anything about it.
You feel lousy, weak and miserable and if you think you’ll get some sympathy then think again. ‘Oh you got the man flu’.
The man flu, what the hell is that all about? Do women not give out about having the flu?
If I have the ‘man flu’ well I’m making no apologies for it.
The Swine Flu has nothing on this. I’ve tried every remedy going: Carrageen, Lemsip, Blackcurrent drinks, Vicks, Hacks, Halls and l’ve downed Nurofen and Panadols like they are smarties.
Plus I’ve drank nearly a bottle of Jameson and at this stage I’m not sure have I got a headache from the cold or a hangover!
As I write this I’m still no closer to recovery. You might ask what’s my point? Well there is none, I’ve got the ‘man flu’ and I’m giving out; plus I’m off to Glasgow this weekend and I want shut of it by then.
I wonder what the Coppers equivalent in Glasgow is?