Wanted - hangover cure

Off the fence
Wanted: hangover cure

Off the fence
Edwin McGreal

I ALWAYS remember thinking a man was joking when he told me that I should enjoy going out for a few drinks without suffering from a bad hangover while I was able to.
“Do it while you can, when you get to my age its another matter.”
That the man was 28 when he said that made me laugh in his face. I was 20, it was a Sunday afternoon, I had just enjoyed a good Friday and Saturday night and he remarked how fresh I was. Now I wasn’t fit to run a marathon - not that I would ever be able to - but I wasn’t in the depths of depression either. A bit tired, nothing else.
And my elder friend assured me he would be welded to the couch had he just ‘enjoyed’ a weekend like I had. I laughed at what was an outrageous thought to my naïve young mind.
“Have you the Werther’s Originals and slippers ready, Grandad?,” I chided.
“Wait and see,” he said. “Wait and see.”
I’m still not 28 but I don’t have to wait for that landmark to realise how right my learned friend was. Some of you may scoff at a 27-year-old saying this but losing the vestiges of youth is not easy and any desire to party hard now comes with serious consequences.
Welcome to the age of the two day hangover.
It’s Monday morning as I write and I’m not feeling the Mae West. I wouldn’t mind if it was from a few pints last night, or even Saturday night. But, no, the legacy is from Friday night and The Mayo News Club Stars.
That’s more than a two day hangover I guess. But that’s because of the head cold I picked up as a side effect. On Saturday I knew exactly what my friend spoke of when he said about being welded to the couch. After watching a football match at noon, I went home, barely stayed awake for the rugby and then fell asleep for four hours, dead to the world.
Sunday had a decent improvement but I was far from able to take on the world again.
Not drinking for the month of November before Friday night might have affected my immune system but anytime I’ve been out for a night in recent months, the hangover has been a long and drawn-out one.
The invincibility of youth is moving out of my system. It is, dare I say it, a sobering thought. Every ‘celebration’ these days has to be factored against the inevitable hangover that will follow. Will it be worth it? Friday night was. Not every night will be.
With Christmas coming up it will be extremely difficult to be everywhere you want to be. Tough decisions will have to be made.
You would wonder how rich the person who could invent a reliable hangover cure would be.
And my advice to any 20-year olds? Enjoy it while you can, it won’t last forever. And don’t laugh!