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Quit moaning, savour what you have

Off the fence
Quit moaning, savour what you have

Off the fence
Kathleen Keane

The whole Irish nation has a compulsive habit of blaming the current Taoiseach, Enda Kenny and the rest of the Government as the root of the financial catastrophe our country has found itself in.
I would like to ask you to reflect back to the years 2007 and 2008. What political parties were at the head of Dáil Éireann? Fianna Fáil, The Green Party and The Progressive Democrats. What year was it announced that our country was going to endure the suffering of this recession? The year 2008. Under the leadership of Bertie Ahern. Or had you forgotten?
The people of this country like to have someone to blame their problems on – a lot of you have chosen Enda Kenny. I guess it’s an easy escape from reflecting on bad personal financial decisions. Our Taoiseach has had to make some very harsh cuts and changes in the country financially, but these changes have to be made now for a better future.
Enda warned the country in his televised address to the nation that the 2012 budget would be tough, and it has been, but he is paving the way for a more positive future.
Being An Taoiseach is a very tough job, especially in our current economic state. There are drastic changes and decisions to be made that will affect the whole nation and will cause controversy. All this pressure on one person. I wonder could Enda’s critics deal with it ? Could they turn our economic state into a wonderland after two years as Taoiseach? This change expected in our economy will not happen overnight, or in a number of years for that matter.
If all the people in our country hadn’t splurged their cash on such unnecessary material things during the times of the Celtic Tiger, we wouldn’t be in this mess in my opinion. Us ordinary people cannot blame the government for our own idiotic decisions when money was plentiful. Yes, we can say that it was just under our noses, there to spend, but we should’ve thought of the future and the problems we may encounter.
The current government is working hard to ensure a better future for today’s teenagers and children. Criticism should not be acceptable. If you can afford to buy a paper, if you can afford to watch the news and if you can afford the finer things such as cars, cigarettes and alcohol, then you should not complain. If you are homeless, without food, without water, then I do definitely feel your argument is valid and should be heard – if not, I think you should quit the moaning and savour what you have.

Kathleen Keane is a Transition Year student at Sacred Heart School, Westport. She spent a week in The Mayo News office as part of her work-experience programme.