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E-mail out of office

Liam HoranLiam Horan

You know you’re venturing perilously towards the nerdy category when you feel an almost illicit shiver of excitement upon hearing of a new, all-singing-all-dancing piece of technology.
I had just such a moment last week. LetterMeLater.com, take a bow. Now, that’s what I call a handy piece of kit.
It works like this. You want to send an email at, say, 3pm Friday – but, if you’re following your Four Hour Work Week masterplan as you should, you intend to be elsewhere at 3pm Friday: running, biking, cycling, surfing, or potholing, whatever rows your boat.
That one meddling email holds the potential to ruin your day. Emails won’t send themselves. Well, actually, now they will. You don’t have to be in your office to send it. You don’t even need to bring your laptop with you. Just schedule it.
At LetterMeLater.com, you can programme the email to go at exactly the time you want, to exactly the people you want, and you can mull all you wish over the forty-foot putt to win a fiver off your fellow Four Hour Work Week devotees.
The basic package is free. It couldn’t be simpler to use. And it works. I road-tested it last week and it did exactly what it promised, every time.
You can also use it to send out certain recurring emails every day, week, month, year. It will even give you three days notice of when the next email is scheduled to go so that you can amend the contents, if necessary.
The mystery is how Gmail hasn’t introduced the scheduled send feature just yet. Gmail, in case you haven’t noticed, is one break of the ball away from world domination, and, as I’ve told you a million times, I am not given to overstatement.
I recently migrated all my ‘stuff’ from Outlook to Gmail, and, after the initial fretting and cold turkey, it has proven to be an unqualified success. A couple of years ago, I dipped my toes in the Gmail waters, and found them unappealing, but incredible improvements have been made in the intervening period.
Now, for something completely different, and probably far more important. A reader emailed during the week. “I can’t get my money in. People just take 90 days credit without a second thought. I was wondering if early-payment discounts work?”
What do you think? We have put a poll up on the home page of our website (www.SliNuaCommunications.com) asking that very question.
I – and, indeed, the put-upon reader – would appreciate your thoughts. I will report the findings next week.
I canvassed the opinion of one experienced businessman who felt “yes, they do work in some sectors, but only if the terms are clear and unambiguous. Early payment must take place. If it doesn’t, the non-discounted price then applies. Fudge on that, and the idea is dead.”

Liam Horan runs www.SliNuaCommunications.com, a communications consultancy based in Ballinrobe, Co. Mayo, with a strategic partnership with Dublin-based Pembroke Communications.