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ENVIRONMENT Removable chewing gum comes to Ireland

chewing gum

Sticky problem solved?

Ciara Moynihan

Old wives’ tales for removing chewing gum include egg white, lemon juice, freezing, WD40 and peanut butter. None of them works, at least in my experience. (I still think of that poor jumper and what I put it through.)   
Scientists in England have come up with a removable chewing gum, and Ireland is set to become the first country in Europe to launch it. The gum, called Rev7, can be removed readily from clothes, using soap and water – and, significantly for Ireland, from the streets.
Chewing gum is the single largest component in the food-litter category, and the second largest component of overall litter, after cigarettes. In one month, Dublin City Council removed an estimated 180,000 pieces of embedded gum from Grafton Street, while across the country around 500 tonnes end up dumped on the streets. Yuck.
The European Food Safety Authority has fully approved the chewing gum for sale within the EU, and it’s coming here first. Great news for Tidy Town groups all over Mayo, who must be tired of having to look at this gross consequence of chewing gum’s popularity.
If it doesn’t work, well maybe we should do what they’ve done in Singapore, and ban chewing gum altogether. Smuggling gum into that country can land you in jail for a year. Chew on that!