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Watching Westport’s drama online


Ger Flanagan

THANKS to Westport United’s Facebook page, anyone who couldn’t travel to Thurles last Sunday could catch their famous win being livestreamed on the social media channel.
Overall, it was a wonderful service for Westport fans all around the world and, for the most part, it felt like you were there in Tipperary.
And there was no shortage of entertainment as the game and the drama developed.
We have to admit that the camera angle for a while — due to some ‘technical issues’ — led to some of the almost 400 viewers posting tongue-in-cheek comments complaining of a ‘creaked neck’.
Plus, there was the odd expletive in the background from some enthusiastic supporters!
But the star of the show had to be the man behind the camera and commentator on the day, Kenneth Gannon. The usually cool, calm and collected Westport United PRO is the man behind making the streaming service happen, and when Gary Cunningham made the final save of the day, his reaction was priceless. Absolutely brilliant!
Let’s just say that Kenneth temporarily lost all control of his emotions and almost his voice too.
“WESTPORT UNITED HAVE STOLEN IT,” he roared. “WHAT ABOUT THAT… WHAT ABOUT THAT!” he continued, as the supporters flooded the pitch and a flare was let off.
The craziness of it all gave everyone at home a taste of what it was actually like in Tipperary.
In a lovely touch, Kenneth composed himself and paid a lovely tribute to the late Adam Mulchrone. “Someone is looking down on us,” he said, as he dedicated the win to their absent friend.
As the Westport supporters flooded onto the field and the craziness erupted, everyone tuned in wanted to be there to embrace the moment.
Fair play to Kenneth Gannon, he manned the camera for as long as he could to capture the scenes unfolding, but eventually the urge to join the madness became too much and he said his goodbyes.
And as he made his way into the mosh pit of players, management and fans, the camera panned vertically into the blue sky and the day was over for us social media users.
Don’t forget to tune in again on Sunday, March 10 for the quarter-final!