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Ray Moylette ready to rumble


FOCUSED ‘Sugar Ray’ Moylette pictured during his open workout at Celtic Warrior Gym in Dublin two weeks ago. Pic: TheFightingIrish.ie


Ger Flanagan

LAST Wednesday night Ray Moylette threaded the red carpet for the first time when attending the Irish premiere of ‘Creed II’ in Dublin.
The latest installment of the ‘Rocky’ franchise sees Adonis Creed, played by Michael B Jordan, fight his Russian opponent – who Rocky fans will recognise as the son of Ivan Drago – for the WBC belt in what is a destiny bound grudge match.
In so many ways Las Vegas is a different world to Castlebar,  but equally so Moylette couldn’t help but visualise himself lifting his own WBC title when he fights Christian Uruzguieta in the TF Royal Theatre this Friday night.
The last three months of preparation, training, media duties and making weight have now boiled down to ‘Fight Week’, and ‘Sugar Ray’ says he has never been more ready.
“I’m in a very good place and I’m confident,” the 28 year-old told The Mayo News. “I’ve worked too hard to let this slip.
“I have missed out on opportunities like this before and they nearly broke me, but for the people around me. There’s only so many times you can go to the well and back and I feel I have everything that I need in my artillery to go to the next level.
“I can’t leave this behind me, it’s too important at this stage”
Next Thursday afternoon Moylette will hit the scales for the official fight weigh-in in Castlebar, open to the public, where he must tip the scale at no more than 61.5kg – his lightest weight since 2009.
But he insists it’s not a problem and that the training camp has gone as good as it possibly can under the watchful eye of Packie Collins at Celtic Warrior Gym.
“Most of the training is relatively done now and I would describe it as a bow and arrow,” the St Anne’s BC man said. “You’re pulling back the elastic, but you want to keep the tension on the string and release it maybe Wednesday or Thursday, which will carry me through the fight.
“I’m usually cranky and hard to live with this close to a fight due to the weight cut. I lock myself away like a hermit because I can’t function properly. But I’m still motivated and I can manage myself. I feel I’ve done everything right up to this point.”
The event, billed ‘The Homecoming’, will boast a crowd of 2000 home supporters and will be broadcast live on TG4. Because of the magnitude of the event, Moylette’s weeks have been filled with media duties, but it’s something he has embraced and uses as a reminder.
“This is really why I box,” he stated. “During the media workout last week, I was looking at some of the lads in the gym and they were just swanning around, where as my name and face was on the posters and I was the main draw.
“I felt sorry in someways for them because I know what it’s like to be the person in the background, I was always the second man, the undercard.
“I know what it feels like to be down the ranks so I’m embracing all of this and with all my heart, I don’t ever want to go back down the ranks, I want to stay at the top and when I’m not, it will be time to hang up the gloves.”
The roof will be raised straight off the TF when Moylette takes to the ring next Friday and it’s an energy Moylette hopes to harness.
“To have 2000 friends, family and supporters screaming me on when I walk to the ring and go to battle is something I can’t even imagine,” he mused. “I have a nice surprise for the ring walk. This is my night and this is the stuff of dreams.
“I feel honoured to have the support of everyone and to be the front-man on the line for them. They have my back, so I’m going to lead the way.”

Ray Moylette will fight Christian Uruzguieta for a WBC lightweight ranking on Friday, December 7 at the TF Royal Theatre, Castlebar.
For tickets, contact Sharon at 087 7665307

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